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Which Are the Hot Study Courses in Uae?

by goto university - 10 May 2022, Tuesday 131 Views Like (0)
Which Are the Hot Study Courses in Uae?

Many students after school dream to study further in a different country. But the entire admission process to study away from the homeland is maddening already and choosing a location to study is equally frustrating. Most of the students plan on pursuing education in the USA and UK, but surprisingly, in the past few years, students from every nook and corner of the world are looking forward to study abroad UAE. The country has emerged as a great option for students. With affordable universities in Dubai, the campuses have some of the globally acknowledged colleges that are offering top courses.

There is a number of requirements to study abroad in United Arab Emirates but the question that often strikes the students is which course to pursue to Study in UAE. To help students with that GoToUniversity has prepared a list of top courses in UAE. This can help you to choose the right course that will not only be of your interest but also will help you develop a great career out of it:

  • Engineering and Technology

The top courses in UAE in the field of Engineering and Technology:

  1. B.Sc Electrical Engineering
  2. B.Sc in Civil Engineering
  3. B.Sc in Industrial Engineering
  4. B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
  5. B. Sc in Chemical Engineering
  6. B.Sc Honours in Business Information Systems
  7. B.E Honours in Computer Systems Engineering
  8. B.E Honours in Electronic Engineering
  9. B.Sc in Aerospace Engineering
  10. B.Sc in Biomedical Engineering
  11. B.Sc  in Petroleum Engineering
  12. M. Sc in Chemical Engineering
  13. M. Sc in Petroleum Engineering
  14. M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
  15. M. Sc in Civil Engineering
  16. M.Sc in Electrical Engineering
  17. M.Sc in Robotics
  18. M.Sc in Engineering Management
  19. M.Sc in Cyber Security and Pen Testing
  20. M.Sc in Aerospace Engineering
  21. B.Sc in Biomedical Engineering
  22. M.Sc in Electrical & Computer  Engineering
  23. M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
  24. M.Sc Nuclear Engineering

  • Business and Management

List of courses in field of business and management courses:

  1. B.Sc Business Administration in Accounting
  2. BA Honours in Advertising, PR & Branding
  3. B.Sc Business Administration in Economics
  4. B.Sc Business administration in Finance
  5. BA Honours in Business Management
  6. BA Honours in International Business
  7. BA Honours in International Business
  8. BA Honours in Marketing
  9. BA Honours in Advertising, PR & Branding
  10. B.Sc Business Administration in Management
  11. Bachelor of Accounting
  12. Bachelor of Economics
  13. Bachelor of Finance and Banking
  14. BBA
  15. MBA
  16. M.Sc Finance
  17. Major in Accounting
  18. M.Sc in Investment Management
  19. MA in International Business Management
  20. M.Sc in Digital Marketing
  21. MA in Human Resource Management and Development

  • Architecture

The following are the options in the field of Architecture:

  1. Bachelor Architecture
  2. M.Sc in Sustainable Architecture

  • Computer Science

The following are the options in the field of Computer Science:

  1. B.Sc Information Security
  2. B.Sc Information Technology
  3. B.Sc Honours in Information Technology
  4. B.Sc Computer Science
  5. M.Sc in Data Science
  6. M.Sc Information Security
  7. M.Sc in Network Management and Cloud Computing
  8. M.Sc Information Technology
  9. M. Sc in Computer Engineering
  10. M.Sc Cyber Security
  11. M.Sc Information Security
  12. M.Sc Information Technology
  13. M.Sc in Data Science
  14. M.Sc in Network Management and Cloud Computing

  • Life Sciences and Medicine

List of courses that can be taken up by students who wish to study medicine:

  1. B.Sc Biology
  2. B.Sc Nutritional Sciences
  3. B.S Dietetics
  4. B.Sc Nursing
  5. B.Sc Biochemistry
  6. B.Sc Pharmacy
  7. Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology
  8. Doctor of Medicine
  9. M.Sc in Clinical Psychology
  10. M.Sc Human Nutrition
  11. M.Sc Clinical Psychology
  12. M.Sc in Human Nutrition
  13. Doctor of Medicine

These are the hot study courses in UAE to choose from. These courses can be pursued at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and the eligibility for each course varies depending upon the university chosen by students. If you are still confused about the course or you want to proceed with the counselling process then connect with us at GoTo University, with our expert counsellorís guidance you will make your dream of studying abroad come true.