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Which Is a Trustworthy Book on Ethics Integrity and Aptitude for Civil Services Preparation?

by Arun Kumar - 22 Jul 2022, Friday 245 Views Like (0)
Which Is a Trustworthy Book on Ethics Integrity and Aptitude for Civil Services Preparation?

Ethics Integrity and Aptitude is a static subject but it's veritably politic in nature. It's regarded as a game-changer in ethics. There's no complete book for this subject, mind you, no complete book. You have to relate to a couple of books if you need to study this subject duly. A couple of books that I find the most secure for this subject are ???????

  • Theoretical Framework
  • Ethical glossary
  • 70 Thinkers & studies
  • Ethics workbook on case studies

These books are curated by Mr. Tirthankar Roy Chowdhary of Eden IAS. He's the most stylish schoolteacher of ethics in entire Delhi so far. I bought them from the sanctioned website of Eden IAS

I watched many YouTube videos of Mr. Tirthankar Roy Chowdhary on the sanctioned YouTube channel of Eden IAS.

What a schoolteacher he is! When it comes to tutoring Ethics, no mistrustfulness he's unexampled and undisputable.

I also got myself enrolled in the Ethics GS4 Foundation course offered by Eden IAS wherein this veritable tutor takes about 50 classes in a span of2.5 months. Be it meta-ethics or contractarianism, be it sybarites or Libertinism every aspect of the syllabus is covered in great detail. piecemeal from that, Eden IAS pays special heed to tests. About 2 sectional tests are taken. This is followed by 3 mock tests.

I managed to score a whopping 104 on a mock test and I'm so happy. before, I used to struggle with Ethics.

The stylish part of this course is that it lays special emphasis on operation-grounded case studies. About 100 case studies are bandied in 10 days. So, for me, this course has been veritably salutary. The study material is comprehensive and easy to understand.

Gauging over 40 lectures, then, scholars are tutored on every sub-topic mentioned in the UPSC CSE Syllabus for General Studies- IV (GS- IV) i.e ethics, integrity, and aptitude.

Roy sir takes Ethics foundation guiding in an easy- to grasp and intriguing manner. scholars are needed to take notes during the class which is supplemented with the forenamed 4 pamphlets.

These pamphlets are further than enough for the test since they've been intensely and exhaustively collected by Roy sir.

Be it mortal interface or meta-ethics, be consequentialism or sybarites, each one of these motifs is covered in the class via full discussion and comprehensive class notes. For a subject as specialized as ethics, tests play a veritably important part in testing how much you're suitable to grasp.

Hence, sectional tests are taken in this Ethics foundation guiding in the posterior classes followed by full-fledged lengthy mock tests. The tests are properly estimated and are returned to the scholars with individual feedback. One can work on the areas after going through the feedback.

Ethics Notes for UPSC As per the recent trend, it has been spotted that UPSC tends to repeat a question or two directly or laterally. And Eden IAS makes a positive donation in this veritable aspect by laying special emphasis on PYQs.

I completely recommend the study material curated by Eden IAS. Happy preparing!