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Which Is the Best Online Prep Course for Act Examination?

by goto university - 05 Jul 2022, Tuesday 251 Views Like (0)
Which Is the Best Online Prep Course for Act Examination?

ACT is American College Testing, a Standardized Test Preparation that tests the English, Mathematics, Science, and Reading knowledge of the student willing to study abroad. The objective of the ACT is to test the knowledge of students and their readiness to study away from their home country. ACT eligibility will lead the student to his/her admission to their desired course and university. GoTo University helps you in ACT Preparation in Dubai, it is the best platform where you can find both ACT Test Prep in the classroom and ACT Prep Course Online.

An ACT test prep course allows you to get access to various practice questions and materials that will guide you in preparation for the ACT exam. GoTo  University being an expert in ACT preparations will take you step by step with the various process of the preparation:

Getting familiar with ACT structure and format

The first step is to understand the format and structure of the ACT. We at GoTo University at first familiarize the students with the exam format and make them understand what the university is actually looking for while conducting the test.

The test has four sections that contain multiple-choice questions. The sections are based on the subjects English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science each containing scored out of 36 points. The rounded average of all the tests together will composite your score. You will also get an optional Writing essay test which will help you to score 12 points.

Get oriented with the ACTís content and question styles

Each section of the ACT tests different knowledge and skill areas of a student. Hence, the preparation for each section will be different. English will be different from Mathematics, and so on. Additionally, the ACT has its own question styles and formats that a student must get familiar with before sitting for the exam. We are here to guide you through that too.

Identifying your weakness

It is very important to identify your weakness. Identifying the weakness areas will help you to understand the exact points where you need to work hard. Once you have an overall idea of the structure of ACT tests, the next important step is to establish a baseline of your own skills.

Create a study schedule

It is an important step to create a consistent study schedule. It's always a good idea to spend a consistent number of hours on studies. It will help you to perfectly prepare to take the test.

Practise ACT sample test papers

Now comes the final step where you practice the given test papers. Practicing test papers will prepare you with all the steps you have planned. A practice paper will help you understand your weak areas and also the timing to finish your answers.

Connect to GoTo University and take advantage of a variety of high-quality resources that will help you in ACT prep. What are you waiting for? Start your ACT preparation for your dream course and university now. ???????