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Why Cbse Schools Are Giving Huge Emphasis on Practical Knowledge?

by Aslam ali - 04 Jul 2022, Monday 317 Views Like (0)
Why Cbse Schools Are Giving Huge Emphasis on Practical Knowledge?

Skill development is efficiently possible if more stress is given to practical knowledge rather than theoretical education. Isnít it? Go through this post and know how CBSE schools are actively bringing practical knowledge strategies into consideration. 

Anton Chekhov, a renowned Russian Playwright, and short story writer rightly said that ďKnowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.Ē 

Well, we agree with this as practical knowledge is very crucial as compared to theoretical Knowledge. Certainly, it is essential to possess theory too, but it wonít be of any use if you are not putting it into action. That is why CBSE school in Noida gives big importance to Practical Knowledge and implementation. Letís discuss why practical learning is vital to get a hands-on understanding of assigned subjects and therefore how you can apply concepts in real-time situations. 

1. Powerful Memory Tool 

People often say, do work on your own and you will remember that for a lifetime. Truly, practical learning is one of the powerful tools that keep your memory sharp for a long duration. With good experience and practice, only great memories come. Just take an example, when you swim in a swimming pool on your own, you will better understand the techniques behind swimming. 

2. Promoting Self-Learning 

 Practical Knowledge of any subject will slowly and steadily mature a childís thinking process. However, make sure the seed of practical learning is sown from the start only. Learning style automatically changes when the child is more active in imbibing practically the learned concepts. It actively enhances knowledge and also boosts self-confidence. 

3. Master Your Skills Set 

Bookish Knowledge is no doubt very essential to pass any exam but at the same time, you need the practical knowledge to perform your tasks better. Even if you see, before hiring an employee to an office, it has been seen whether that person is skilled or not. It is essentially needed today to brush up and polish the skill set.  

4. Deep Understanding 

Theoretically, students are slow and passive learners. You must have seen that students take time to memorize theories and written concepts, resulting in them mugging up things altogether to get good marks in exams. However, practical education ensures that students efficiently learn concepts. Adding to that, you can see those students who give importance to practical knowledge are having clarity in the thought process and will give exact information only rather than beat around the bush.

5. Boosting Interest to Learn 

Doesn't it look fantastic when your boring classroom lectures become a playing field where you can do different experiments. Of course, children will love it. Remember the movie line of Hichki where Rani Mukherjee aka Naina Teacher tried her best to clear the concept of children while using different props. 

6. Handling Real-life Problems

The real motto behind practical education is to make a better person in life who can handle any circumstances without any trouble. If your theory base is strong, you will be just an employee who knows how to operate any task. However, if you have practically perform any task on your own hands, then you would be the BOSS of the company. Itís better to bring functionalities into work and you just witness how your child grows when he steps into professional life. 

7. Interactive & Interesting Approach

The theoretical study is a kind of one-sided approach where students have to attend long hour lectures and mug up things to score good marks. Contrary to that, practical knowledge gives a child hundreds of ways to attempt a task. On not getting the required result, a child thinks a lot to perform that task, and thus the whole process of finding the exact result is interesting and interactive. Edison tried 1000 attempts to invent the light bulb. On being asked by a reporter about these 1000 attempts, he said Ė I didnít fail 1,000 times, it was an invention with a thousand steps. 

Itís good to find that several CBSE schools of Noida make the utmost effort to incorporate fun sessions in schools so that students get new ways of learning and the memory remains lasting for good. 

Just Start Practicing Today!

Education is an asset that reflects the personality of a person. It shows what a child learns throughout the academic sessions. Itís not just about scoring high marks or standing ahead in the class. But, itís something that makes a person responsible too. To survive in this fast-moving world, you can stay one step ahead only if you are using your mind to the full. The trial and error method to find the exact answer is the best way to learn hard things.

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