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How Often Should You Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

by Logan Smith - 30 May 2022, Monday 128 Views Like (0)
How Often Should You Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Air conditioning is the basic requirement of every building. In the summer, it is the most important piece of equipment in any house or building. The maintenance of this vital equipment is also essential. 

However, it is more important to understand how the maintenance of a Nor-Can heating and air conditioner can be done to get good cooling. The user should understand when it is the right time to get the air conditioner serviced. As the air conditioner service will provide good quality cooling during the summer.

For sure, every user of the air conditioner knows that it should be serviced regularly to get the best cooling. But, most of us are unaware of the best time to get it serviced. We also don't understand how many times it should be serviced in a specific period of time.

How Often Air Conditioner Is Serviced?

The service requirements are dependent on some factors such as weather conditions in the area, consumption, usage routine etc. However, regardless of all these factors, the air conditioner should be serviced twice every year. 

The service routine can be set as before and after the peak summer season. In that case, the best time to get it serviced would be in fall and spring. So that the air conditioner is ready to work properly in the summer. 

The air conditioner is also serviced in the middle of the summer season if the consumption is very high or the air conditioner is very old to provide good quality cooling.

Benefits Of Getting Air Conditioner Serviced On Correct Time

By getting air conditioner services, the quality of cooling is increased. Every machine needs maintenance to work properly, air conditioner is also a machine so it should be maintained regularly for best cooling.

The companies which develop air conditioners also emphasize the importance of getting them serviced at the correct time. The developer companies also provide servicing facilities to their customers. Most of the time it is the part of their sale contract in which yearly maintenance of the air conditioner is booked. They provide the services at the correct time so that their customers can get the best quality cooling of the air conditioner.

If Air Conditioner Service Not Done On Time

When air conditioner servicing is not done at the right time, the air conditioner will reduce cooling. It can also increase humidity in the building. The results of not having service will be worse. The quality of overall air conditioner system performance will decrease due to no maintenance. The machine can also be damaged if maintenance is not done accurately.

In case of huge damage to a machine such as a breakdown, the owner might have to bear large maintenance costs. So, it is better to get the air conditioner service at the right time than to get it repaired later.

Air conditioner Service Routine

If it's your first summer after installing an air conditioner then you are good to go, there is no need to worry about its servicing. But if you have installed an air conditioner six months or more, before and use it on a regular basis then, you should get air conditioner service from a professional. Also, check if you need good quality air conditioner services.

As discussed previously, the air conditioner is serviced at least twice a year. So, it would be a good option to select one service provider. It will help you get good quality service. The service provider will get a permanent contract with you so they will provide you with the service at the correct time according to the condition of the machine.

The service provider might contact customers automatically at the start of spring and at the end of fall to service the machine. Therefore, there will be no chance that one can miss the right time of air conditioner service.

Most of the air conditioner maintenance providers service the AC in spring, due to the consumption factor of the air conditioner. As the spring is mostly warm the AC is used regularly at this time. If the service is done at the start of spring it will give good results due to increased use of AC in spring and summer.

Let's Summarize…

Now, it is clear that the air conditioner service is done in spring and fall. This also means that the service is done before and after the summer season. Regular service increases the quality of cooling. This also decreases the risk of damage to parts of the air conditioner due to high consumption. 

It is more appropriate to get air conditioner service from the same professional service provider every year. It will decrease the risk of bad service which can cause damage to the machine and provide poor quality results.???????