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Improved Automotive Circuit Board Assembly

by John Murphy - 16 May 2022, Monday 357 Views Like (0)
Improved Automotive Circuit Board Assembly

The new manual manipulation of the circuit assembly assembly has enabled the manufacturer to significantly improve the quality of the boards that are used in the carís audio equipment. The independent camera system guarantees a fair collection of up to 50 items before moving on to the next level.

Although most manufacturing process equipment is automatic, most products are still hand-assembled. High-quality control can be performed at the end of the assembly using a visual system, but any error found can cause a long and costly change, or more severe, removal of the record. .

The new stand-alone camera system from Ricoh, only available in Europe from STEMMER IMAGING, offers an alternative. Vision monitoring is installed during the assembly to ensure that every action is performed correctly and fully before the user goes to the next step.  Everything is about  Automotive PCB Assembly checked in this article.

Man's help camera

The Ricoh-SC10 camera, a man-assisted camera, includes a camera with a 1/3 inch color CMOS sensor, image detection system and control device. The compact unit helps prevent errors in manual assembly operations.

A set of assembly instructions is first recorded in the program and then displayed on the screen when the camera scans the section. Using a PC is not required. The convention worker follows the instructions on the poster.

After each action, the system compares the result obtained with the actual image it has in mind before allowing the paragraph to move on to the next action. If the step is incomplete or an error has been made, it is shown to the operator to fix it. If everything looks fine, the user can go to the next command.

Each completed step is recorded in a CSV file, with an indicator of the time spent performing the task and, in the process, a scan image. Thus, the camera can also be used to monitor and track assembly activities.

The system can detect character strings, so the keyboard or barcode reading can be used to insert a segment or serial number and user documents.

The data collected can also be used for research. For example, a series of assembly programs can be recorded. The Ricoh SC-10 system is available with two magnetic options and is therefore suitable for most assembly lines.

Image processing

The camera is equipped with integrated graphics software for pattern recognition, color recognition or color recognition recognition. The pattern recognition tool is one of Ricoh SC-10's most important tools and covers the many of its applications that can be used.

Here are some examples:

  • to ensure the correct appearance of the connector during assembly.
  • check that the actual label is attached to the section.
  • -for packing applications where each package must contain the exact number of pieces.

When the function detection pattern is combined with a sequence of system tests, the SC-10 becomes a powerful tool for detecting assembly organization.

For example:

  • The system detects the presence and knows the proper order of the part that can be hidden during the steps of the assembly.
  • The system monitors the assembly of the stairs and the order in which they are mounted to ensure the stability of the assembly.

This color recognition tool is useful for assembling parts that each has a different color, such as connecting a box refuse. Most fungi have the same shape and size; they differ only in their color which indicates their shape.

Updated Car Radio PCB Assembly

The PCB tested has a number of different components such as relays, capacitors and coils which require more than 50 check levels to ensure that all components are present and accurate. carefully installed. This high number of checks is required for the operator, so errors can be made more often, leaving incomplete boards to proceed to the next stage of manufacture.???????

The introduction of the Ricoh SC-10 makes a big difference. The high magnification version was used for this application, making it easy to detect small parts. In addition to checking for adequate collection of components, it is also possible to check the status of jumpers (jumpers) and DIP switches. The system performs about 50 checks in 5 seconds, which no doubt adds efficiency.

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