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What You Need to Know About Fire and Solar Panels

by Logan Smith - 14 Oct 2022, Friday 35 Views Like (0)
What You Need to Know About Fire and Solar Panels

Solar panel installation is not an advanced idea anymore but is something that has become very common among citizens. Solar panels are used to produce electricity from the sun, despite their popularity, many people tend to consider the possible hazards before considering any benefit. 

The heat from the sunlight, wires and components of the panels make them appear as a little threatening combination. However, it is true that fire has a close relationship with solar panels if they are not properly working. The improved quality and composition of modern solar panels have made the chances of them catching a fire negligible, but not inconceivable. 

This is because many factors can affect the working of solar panels and are important for functionality but can ultimately lead to fire or disaster. Still, there are many controllable factors that people get wrong and face the burning of their panels. Some of the common problems are listed below. 

Improper Installation 

Installation angles, space, and fittings play a crucial role in the functioning of a solar panel. A minor mistake can make them an inefficient and costly investment. Solar panels are very fragile when it comes to their installation, there must be the right equipment and skilled people who can perfectly do the job. 

If that is not the case, the solar panels can immediately become a way of inviting fire into your house. According to Solar installation company saskatchewan Improper installation causes overheating of the plates inducing deterioration of wires. Then one wrong move and the solar panels are on fire resulting in damage to you or your property. You must take great responsibility in making sure to choose the right people for installation to avoid any conflagration. 

Inadequate Designed System

Solar panels are developed in a complex manner for them to work effectively. Any minor discrepancy in a design can lead to precarious situations. For example, minor cracks in solar panels can lead to enormous cracks over time disrupting the flow of energy and causing a fire. 

Hence, it is vital to ensure that you purchase quality solar panels, check their parts before/after installation and hire professionals depending on your property classification to avoid conflagration. A minor inconvenience in any piece of Solar panel you bought can give you hard times in future, don't take them as a joke and be vigilant in terms of their perfection. 

Increased Voltage

Yes, Solar panels can catch Fire due to increased voltage. Multiple panels are wired in series to provide a high amount of voltage for the property. However, in some cases, a solar panel is tested way more than it can reproduce. The approximate maximum amount of voltage a solar panel carries is 600 volts or 1000 volts. 

Any amount lower or greater than the required voltage can cause continuous shocks, ventricular fibrillation and thermal injury to the panel which leads to sparks and fire within the system. You need to manage the proper positions of solar panels to provide them with the right amount of voltage. Consider checking the voltage after weather changes it helps analyze the factors that can bring change in voltage.

Direct Or Indirect Lightning Strike

Lightning is considered the most dangerous element during rainstorms. They can strike anywhere or anything without warning. Whether they are trees, cars, grounds or even solar panels, nothing is safe that is out and open. However, the phenomenon that Solar panels attract lightning has not been proven yet. But direct lighting on solar panels would melt the photovoltaic cells within seconds and would cause a blaze. 

Whereas, indirect strikes of lightning are very rare when it comes to solar panels but not zero. They generate a high voltage in the system destroying conductors, PV panels and various other components of solar panels. These factors immediately result in a fire that causes damage to the property. You can use the lightning protection principle for this purpose, where the solar panels are placed in a safe zone that can decrease the chances of a lightning strike. 

Fire From Power Surge

Solar panels are devices that are exposed to power surges, just like any other electrical instrument. Power surge destroys appliances within seconds if a protector is not used. Similarly, when a power surge occurs in solar panels there are maximum chances of it not only catching fire but also it can destroy your whole property's electric wires. 

Power surges cause a slight increase in voltage that affects appliances connected to the source exposed to it. This is why there are risks of fire within the source and appliances themselves. 

Hence, your property and devices are dependent on solar panels to remain safe. If they catch fire due to any electric inconvenience you may lose a lot more than imagined. Save yourself and your family from such conflagration and use power surge protection for solar panels


Fire and solar panels have a very close relationship due to various factors that brings them together. Weather changes, voltage fluctuation and even wrong placement can destroy Solar panels along with the components in contact. They can severely harm your possessions. Hence, you must be careful if you are owning solar panels and take accountability to comprehend the ways of their protection.