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Why Is It Important to Keep Your Solar Panels Clean?

by Logan Smith - 31 May 2022, Tuesday 268 Views Like (0)
Why Is It Important to Keep Your Solar Panels Clean?

After the installation of your off-grid solar solution to your home or office, you will start wondering how to make most of your investment. The ideal way to achieve the most productivity is to make sure you provide your panels with the supportive conditions for generating electricity. The biggest element to serve the cause is to make sure your solar panels are clean. Only clean solar panels can achieve maximum possible efficiency. 

The solar plant experiences compromised productivity when dirty. Depending on the amount of accumulated dirt and debris, a dirty solar panel is likely to produce 10% less electricity than a clean solar plant under the same conditions. 

The accumulation of dirt can have various sources, for instance, air pollution, accumulated debris, bird droppings, and any other element that gets caught on the solar panels. Moreover, a dirty portion of the solar plant can increase the rate at which the cells heat up. This excessive and swift heating up produces hotspots in the system. These hotspots play the main role in deteriorating the solar panel system at a faster rate. 

As a mechanism, Sundawg Solar  panel systems work by allowing sunlight to enter their cells. The more the light enters the cell, the more energy is produced. So, when the cells have accumulated dirt, it is obvious that the light capturing ability of the solar cells will be hindered. Hence, dirty solar panels are hazardous both for your investment and the systemís functionality. 

The below article provides the top reasons why you should keep your solar panels clean and dirt free. 

Impacts Of Dirty Solar Panels 

Solar panels are often marketed as maintenance-free systems. There is no bluff in it. However, maintenance-free does not imply that they donít even need cleaning. The pollution in our surroundings impacts everything and your solar panels are no exception. Moreover, other environmental factors also affect their physical condition. Dirty solar panels can 

  • Lose efficiency and lifespan.
  • Decrease overall system performance.
  • Affect your warranty claims.
  • It may cause permanent module damages. 
  • It causes a loss in the return on investment you get. 

Get Rid Of Birdís Droppings 

Most residential areas have vegetation around. This means the birds are present in abundance. Residential solar panels are exposed to bird droppings. You know that bird droppings can not be washed out by rain. Therefore, to get rid of these stubborn bird droppings will need professional solar panel cleaning. 

Accumulation of these droppings on the cells will diminish the light reaching them, thus decreasing the possible output. Furthermore, most solar panel installers and manufacturers guide to keep the panels clean from bird droppings to keep them at their best productivity levels. 

Prevent The Build-up 

There is natural dirt and dust that can build up in the photovoltaic cells of the solar panels. These elements cloud the surface of the cells and decrease their efficiency and productivity. So, if the solar panels are not cleaned regularly they will not operate according to the expectation. Thus, compromising your expected financial returns and energy savings. 

Benefit For Your Warranty 

Many solar panel manufacturers have set the cleaning of solar panels as a condition of the warranty. So, if something actually goes wrong and you claim a warranty, the company will need proper and regular maintenance. If you lack the maintenance proof, there are ample chances that your damages will not be covered by the warranty you bought. 

Improve Overall Energy Efficiency

The increase in solar panel utility and all the innovations in the advancements of technology of solar cells. These cell advancements lead to the increased energy efficiency of solar panels. Studies show that there is an increase in solar panel efficiency on sites. For instance, the efficiency of the site can be increased by 10-30% when solar panels are maintained by regular deep cleaning. 

People who use the solar panel cleaning services regularly experience 25% more efficiency as compared to the owners, who tend to delay and procrastinate in getting their solar panels cleaned. The bottom line is that if you want your solar panel systems to work effectively and last as long as possible, keep them cleaned and maintained. 


Solar panel systems have become increasingly popular with the increase in demand for green energy. Although the working principles and structural design of solar panels donít demand any extra care and maintenance. However, still, they do ask for a little attention to keep them working in an optimum manner for the longest possible time. 

Cleanliness is important to keep the cells free from dirt and debris that can block the visible surface for its functioning. A blocked cell's surface will not be able to reach the expected level of sunlight capturing, thus decreasing the efficiency of solar panels. All this will ultimately affect the return on your investment.