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How to Do Oil Filter Inspection to Analyze Engine Condition?

by Logan Smith - 27 May 2022, Friday 191 Views Like (0)
How to Do Oil Filter Inspection to Analyze Engine Condition?

Oil filters play an important role in the performance of an engine. If an oil filter is in good condition it can lubricate the engine well. Clean and filtered oil will keep the engine parts in good condition. This means to get the maximum efficiency of your filtering system, you have to keep a close eye on it. An easy way to do so is to have it inspected regularly. 

If the oil filter is inspected regularly it can be changed at the correct time. For inspection of oil filters, various ways are used by the technicians and drivers to predict the performance of the oil filter without removing it. Some of them are explained in the following article. 

Leakage Checking

For checking the leakage in the oil filter system it is analyzed without removing it from the engine. The engine is started and kept on for some time. Then the area surrounding the engine, drain plug, etc. is checked. If oil leakage is found in that area, then the oil filter is changed, otherwise, it is in good condition. There are a large number of efficient oil filters available that deal with leakage and other issues. 

Leakage in the engine is also a sign of the bad condition of the oil filter. It tells that the filter is not working properly due to which the oil is not sent back from the engine and it gets wasted. The wastage of oil will also affect the engine performance because the engine parts will not get enough lubrication. This will damage the engine parts and negatively impact their efficiency. 

Used Filter Inspection

The used filter gives accurate reports about the condition of the engine. It can be examined by opening it with a wrench or any tool. The filter condition is checked to analyze the working oil filter. If your oil filter contains particles on it then it has done its job accurately. These particles are removed from the engine while the oil runs through it. 

The seal of the filter should be in its correct form which tells that filter was tightly packed and oil leakage did not occur. The oil filter inspection also describes whether it was the right time to change the filter or not. If the filter is changed at the correct time the filtered particles are inside the filter, however, if the particles are on the surface of the filter this means that the filter is changed later than the appropriate changing time.

Filtered Material Inspection

By inspecting the material inside the oil filter the condition of the rest of the engine can be analyzed. The material found on or inside the oil filtered is most likely present on other parts of the engine. You can get some unexpected materials inside the filter. Such as grease, varnish, slime, etc. which are the signs of a bad oil being used in the engine which can be harmful to the engine and other parts.

If an old filter contains metallic particles on the surface, then it is not a good sign and you need to check your engine. The metallic particles can stay on other parts of the engine and damage it. These particles can also be from the wear and tear of any engine part, nuts, or bolts. 

Unusual Components Of Oil Filter

Some unusual components which are sometimes found on the filter include the following:

  • Paint particles removed from the surface of the parts of the engine got mixed with oil.
  • Fiber from the wood pulp material inside the filter or from outside.
  • Seal packing material sometimes gets broken from the filter or other parts of the engine.
  • Small wires of the engine mixed in the oil due to damage.
  • Rest offs in different colours.

These unusual materials are sometimes found on the filter. This means the oil contains the hard components which can affect the engine parts by staying on them. These particles also increase the chances of blockage. So a keen inspection of the filter can tell that the oil inside the filter is not in good condition and contains impurities.



Oil filter inspection is a tricky process. Only a person with technical know-how is able to inspect oil filters properly. The oil filter inspection help in analyzing the engine conditions. The oil filter inspection should be done by some experts to get aware of the expected damage to the engine.

Oil filter testing can be done by some technicians which will provide accurate results. The technicians also provide solutions to the oil filter issues. Those solutions are helpful in getting a healthier engine condition and making the engine perform better than before.

According to the results you got in filter inspection. The products used in the vehicles such as engine oil, oil filter, and diesel are also responsible for any type of damage. The products should be purchased from trustworthy sources just like Micro Lube.

The issues found in the oil filter during filter inspection are due to three factors one is bad oil and the other is bad filtration. These two factors are corrected easily by using good quality materials. The third factor is the late filter changing routine. If the filter is changed after a long time then it will have bad results for both the filtration system and engine.