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Have You Ever Thought About a Backyard Pool? Tips for Backyard Renovation

by Tim Tyler - 11 Jun 2022, Saturday 506 Views Like (0)
Have You Ever Thought About a Backyard Pool? Tips for Backyard Renovation

There is one ultimate backyard idea – have you ever thought about a backyard pool? 

The dream of many, the master of the party, the backyard pool is the definition of the wealth all year round. Yet it is not just about constructing it, there is some work around the maintenance as well. Follow to check if a backyard pool is the best choice for your lifestyle. 

How do you want to use the pool?

The backyard can have many different uses that will affect its design of it. If you have or plan to have children, you might need the shallow and deep parts within the pool. If you plan on hosting many pool parties, you might want to include a bar, a whole kitchen, or many seating spots around. Al fresco dining is a popular backyard option, especially with the addition of a pool and landscape. The purpose of the pool may even be a relaxing, spa station in the house where the jacuzzi might fit perfectly, along with sun tanning seats. 

Consider the size of the pool

The purpose of the pool will affect the size of the pool you will need. Many guests, children, and pets, or just a couple and their love nest? Whether you plan to swim a lot, fit 10 or more people or simply float to let all the stress go away requires different depth, surface, and even shape of the pool. Additionally, you might consider adding a waterfall, a cave, mentioned jacuzzi, or even a shade next to the pool to attract the interested animals to the more natural habitat. 

Measure your backyard

The purpose of the pool is not the main variable that will help you decide on the size. The size of your property and its geographical characteristics play a key role in the pool design. A small backyard might fit your big swimming pool, but can it be designed to be safe and eye-pleasing? If your property is on uneven terrain, this can affect the pool installation to the point it becomes too expensive to install and maintain. 

Lastly, you might want to have landscaping involved, and you just want to have big trees. However, the roots of those big trees can, in time, raise the ground and even affect the buildings on the property, including the pool.

Talk with multiple professionals 

When you make a decision to construct a backyard pool, you don’t need to go with the first construction company that gives you an offer. Take your time to look into a few companies, consider their offers, ask for their opinion and look through their portfolio before deciding. 

The professional, experienced swimming pool builders will explain to you from the start what are the abilities of your backyard. They will have licensed specialists who know how to deal with any difficulties the terrain can present during pool construction and later its maintenance. 

Take safety insurance into account

The construction of the pool and the following landscaping is not the only investment you will have. Apart from building and other administrative permits, you will need to invest in a proper pool cover, fencing, or even a whole wall to have enough safety measures covered. 

A pool is the part of your home where you, your family, and your guests will be active, you might want to consider insurance as liability coverage in the case of injury or damage. It might seem negative to talk about such a situation, but you should be safe in your home if anything happens. 

The maintenance is costly

The pool cover and fence are not the only additional expense you will need. The pool is not cheap to maintain. You will have a bigger water bill, but every pool pump affects the electricity bill. You can buy a variable-speed pump instead of a single-speed pump and save the power. 

When in use, the pool’s pH levels need to be checked weekly to ensure the safety of swimmers as well as to prevent damage to the pool itself. Too alkaline or too acidic pH levels can cause corrosive damage to the pool’s surface end equipment. 

The equipment and chemicals need for proper pool maintenance should also be included in your budget. If you are too busy, you can consider hiring a professional pool service that will save your time but cost a bit more. 

The home value will go up

You have already considered that the swimming pool will cause a green hue over your neighbour’s and relative’s faces. This envy is not without a reason. The swimming pool and proper landscaping or other backyard additions like a bar, kitchen, or patio, will raise the value of your home. With the market that is changing rapidly, the property that is designed and maintained will surely ensure a higher price in case you decide to sell. 

Staying healthy

The swimming pool is the addition to your home that will make your leisure time more physically active. The sedentary lifestyle in time negatively affects health as it promotes metabolic disorder development, cardiac and cancer risk, and other health concerns that are not to be taken lightly. 

The activity, the bonding time with your family and friends, and the simple joy of having a beautiful view of your backyard are always worth the effort. If you haven’t thought about owning a pool, maybe you should. Add the activity and place to be more with your loved ones and celebrate life.