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How to Throw the Best Dorm Party Ever

by arjun aatri - 21 Jun 2022, Tuesday 347 Views Like (0)
How to Throw the Best Dorm Party Ever

College would not be just the same without some good partying aren't they? The purpose of college is education and growing, isn't it?

Haha, just kidding. As an old college student who had to wait five years to finish my degree (don't think of me as a jerk) I've been to plenty of wild dorm parties I'm likely to be able to remember throughout my life.

What Should You Do at a  College Dorm Party?

Here are some points you should be aware of prior to hosting a party in your dorm room

Dorm parties can be difficult to throw without your resident assistant (resident assistant) stopping them minutes after they begin. My suggestion is to make friends with who your resident assistant is! The majority of RAs are nice and will not be a problem having an event so long as you limit the noise. However, there are some RAs who are very strict and will not allow any alcohol or parties in dorms.

If you're planning to host an  within your residence be sure to read the rules first before speaking about it with the Resident Assistant. There's nothing more embarrassing than being arrested!

Don't forget to inform your neighbors.

I have some tips to offer you. You don't want your neighbours to get a snitch on your and you should invite them over to the next party! HAHA! Hey, what do you have to say? accomplish?

If they're not looking forward to a night out with you, respect them! You can ask them if it's permissible to play music and at what time the party begins and ends. If you're hosting a celebration during the week of finals Most people are okay to have an event close to home. That's right! It's college! It is important to ensure that the music doesn't get too loud, so that the walls vibrate.

Do Not Take Anything Valuable!

It's hard to emphasize how crucial this is to each of you! Laptop, speakers as well as the skateboard belonging to one of my favorite classmates in college vanished following a gathering she held at her home!

Wow What a loss of money!

The most unfortunate thing is that there weren't security cameras present, and it was impossible to locate any of the items stolen. It's obvious that leaving valuables in the open in a crowd of wild (and often broken) college students isn't an ideal choice!

Ideas for College Dorm Parties: Themes

A majority of people wear whatever clothes they want to dorm events. However, sometimes it's enjoyable to add some spice to the party by choosing an idea for a theme. Look over these suggestions:

  • The 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s
  • Pajama party in pajamas
  • Jazz night
  • Hip Night of Hip Hop
  • Night of Y2K
  • Get dressed in ugly sweaters
  • Devils and Angels
  • Sexy Nerd party
  • Masquerade party
  • Rock and Roll
  • The theme of the party is denim
  • Rave Rage

Make sure to snap pictures! It's always a blast snapping disposable photos on events like this as the pictures always look so authentic and the mood is always positive.

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Drinks and Food Ideas for College Parties

If you offer some food items to snack on during your event, guests will be very happy. There is no need to offer something extravagant. You could provide a small snack! You can also invite that your visitors bring snacks for part of an "entrance fee", this means that you don't need to pay more for food.

Here are some ideas for food for college parties that are popular:

  • Salsa and chips
  • Hamburger & Cheese Sliders
  • Chocolate-covered Strawberries
  • Donuts
  • Tortilla Wrap-Ups
  • Hotdogs
  • I forgot to mention pizza!
  • Bacon and Macaronni Bites
  • Party Mix
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Burgers and French Fries

A few dorms have no-tolerance drinking policy for alcohol. Here's a list of non-alcoholic beverages you can enjoy:

  • Lemonade made with strawberries (recipe from Delish)
  • Recipe for Watermelon "no"jitos (from Taste)
  • The recipe for Virgin Pina Colada (adapted from A Couple Cooks)
  • Spicy Southern Kitchen's Peach Bellini Mocktail (recipe)
  • Sangria made with cranberries that are virgin with the herb basil (recipe by Delish)
  • Recipe for Orange Mango Crush (from Taste)
  • (Recipe taken from Cook along with Manali) Cooler Blueberry Ginger

Spotify Playlist: Make a Bomb

A successful college party begins with a great Spotify playlist for the party. The music you play will depend on the theme of your event obviously. But, traditional Hip Hop tracks can never be wrong. Take a look at this playlist for your next dorm-party! Everyone seems to love it!

This playlist is definitely suitable for those who like Bay Area slaps!

 Your phone or laptop to play music won't perform because... HELLO? What's the sound like?

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