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6 Ways to Wash Your High Visibility Clothing

by inez w womble - 10 Jun 2022, Friday 328 Views Like (0)
6 Ways to Wash Your High Visibility Clothing

Hi-vis or high-visibility gear protects you from the hazards of field labor. This clothing style is beneficial at night since it has reflective elements that allow others to see you from a distance. It can truly save lives; that is why it is advised that you should always wear your reflective gear when you are on the job.

Taking care of your high-visibility workwear might be difficult. It cannot be washed or dried in a washing machine or dryer since the materials used to make it are readily harmed. We'll go over a few washing tips. So, you should keep them in mind when caring for your high-visibility clothes.


How Often Should I Wash Hi-Vis Garments?

The method of keeping your high-visibility clothing in good, compliant shape is mainly dictated by common sense. The frequency with which you must wash or replace apparel is determined by the industry you work in.

An oil sector employee's attire, for example, will quickly get filthy. Because dirt reduces the clarity of high-visibility tapes on a garment, it puts the worker at risk. Hence oil industry personnel are more likely to require a regular washing schedule. However, it is advisable not to wash a garment excessively, as frequent washing will reduce the lifespan of the garment.

Keeping your workwear in good shape isn't a precise science. However, effective communication with employees about the need of maintaining high-visibility clothes, as well as regular clothing inspections, is essential for ensuring employee safety. A company's safety officer must maintain a careful check on employees' high-visibility clothing and footwear.


What’s The Best Way to Wash Hi-Vis Clothing?

Following are the best ways that guide you to wash your high visibility clothing,


Handwashing with Mild Detergent

To begin, remove any loose dirt from the garment with a clean, dry towel. This is necessary to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating in the fabric during the wash. These can also be abrasive to clothing. When washing high-visibility clothing, use only cold water and a light detergent. If you're not sure about the kind of detergent to use, try a neutral detergent or a gentle shampoo. Allow the garments to soak in the tub for 20 to 30 minutes.


Then, using a light brush, carefully rub the custom high visibility vests, keep your focus on the brightly colored sections, to thoroughly remove any persistent stains. Because you can regulate how much force you apply, this is safer than washing it in a washing machine. Finally, hang the clothing to dry in the shade. Avoid drying them in direct sunshine since UV rays can reduce the reflectivity of the clothing. If, for whatever reason, the clothing is still soapy, it should be rinsed in cold water and dried again. Only use stain removers labeled safe for bright colors and free of bleach for the most tenacious stains.


Wash it in Cold Water

Never wash your custom high visibility jackets in warm or hot water, as this may harm the quality of the reflective button-up shirts on your hi-vis gear. Yes, using warm or even hot water to remove stains can remove dirt and stains more effectively, but if you don't want to damage your gear, you should look for another method.

Warm or hot water will also fade the reflective features on your high-visibility clothes with the time, which might be an issue if you are working in the outdoors. This is why it is recommended that simply wash your hi-vis reflective clothes in cold water instead.


Wash it Inside Out

If you are in a rush and need to wash your hi-vis clothes in the washer, make sure to flip it inside out first. As previously stated, the reflective tapes and materials on your clothing are quickly damaged, particularly when washed in the washing machine. If you must put it in the dryer, set it to low heat and remove it once the cycle is completed. Hang it up to dry completely and inspect it to make sure that nothing has been harmed in the process.


Avoid Using Bleach While Washing

The reflective materials on your high-visibility clothes can be readily destroyed by bleach. Your fabric softener should also be avoided because it can harm your hi-vis clothing by destroying the fluorescent material on it. Instead, simply wash your hi-vis jackets and vests with a moderate detergent. It reduces the chances of deterioration of the fabric.


Do Not Wash with Rough and Dark Color Clothes

Mixing hi-vis Snickers trousers and Snickers hi-vis jackets with rough textiles is not recommended while you wash your clothes in a washing machine. Rough textiles, such as jeans, might harm the heat transfer coating, which allows for reflectivity. Because the rigorous treatment can wear away the small glass beads on the retroreflective tape. Additionally, do not Wash with different colors, as it can discolor the garment and can leave stains on it. Only wash hi-vis clothing with other items of comparable color.


Do Not Dry Clean

To dry sensitive and fluorescent clothing as fast as possible, set it on top of a towel, make sure that it's flat and in its original shape, and then roll it up in the towel (like a sleeping bag) to eliminate extra water. Use multiple towels and repeat the process numerous times to speed up drying. Instead of drying delicate reflective apparel in the dryer, lay them flat or hang them to dry because dry cleaning will most probably cause harm and damage to the clothing.