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How Italian Linen Clothing Became the Coolest Fashion Trend of 2021?

by Phil Anderson - 31 May 2022, Tuesday 268 Views Like (0)
How Italian Linen Clothing Became the Coolest Fashion Trend of 2021?

Multifaceted in its design, linen is a universally flattering fabric that can be used and worn in a myriad of ways. The textile/fabric has been thought of playing various roles, reimagined over centuries, and could finally make its way to the heart of the contemporary fashion lovers.

History says that there was a time when luxury Italian linen clothing was available only to the people belonging to the top position in the society: The monarchs, priests and knights, but not everyone had a chance to wear linen.

But, with the cultivation of flax plants in the 16th century, linen fabric was introduced to general households and more people, leading to the modern craze of linen that we have today, from bed linens to bedding and bath to clothing to upholsteries.

Linen clothing was loved especially. People who have worn linen say that they cannot even think of wearing any other material, especially in the hot and humid seasons. Some even end up claiming that linen clothes have healing properties.

But what exactly make the linen clothes so sought after? Letís find out.  How are linen clothes beneficial?


linen dungarees

Linen is known to be the strongest natural fibre in the world and is far more durable than cotton. The strength of the fabric of a garment directly depends on the fibre, which makes linen clothing so long-lasting. Italian linen tops or Italian linen dungarees will serve you for time than you expect, and will keep growing softer and more pleasant on the skin with time. If taken care of well, a good-quality linen garment wonít fall out for quite a number of years, and the durability is one of the best benefits of wearing linen.   

Easy to take care

Linen clothing can be machine washed, no problem with it. But all you need to bear in mind is that you need to use cold water and no usage of bleach or detergents, as they tend to weaken the fibre. You can tumble dry your linen clothes or hang them to dry naturally, but avoid wringing them.

Linen has natural wrinkles and you need not iron it to look good. The wrinkles add to the effortless beauty of linen. While wrinkles may look your cotton or silk clothes messy, they will make your Italian linen tunics, tops, dresses and dungarees, shine brighter.

Italian Linen Clothing

Linen clothing is suitable for every season

Can you name another fabric that can keep you cool during summers and warm during winters? Well, linen has this magical property and is considered to be one of its most important benefits.

While Italian linen clothing is perfect for summer because it is breathable, lightweight and moisture wicking properties, people choose to wear them during winters too because of its natural insulating properties. Flax, from which linen is made, is used to make insulating products for home.  

While cotton or wool may make you feel warm at first, it can also make you sweat. But linen clothes, on the other hand, will retain heat from your body and release the excess, making you feel cosy and rightly comfortable.

Italian Linen Clothing???????


Eco-friendly, ethically made, handspun or handwoven clothing are becoming increasingly popular, and we hope it continues to be so in future too. Italian linen clothing falls under these criteria, as the source of linen, flax is a far more sustainable plant than cotton.

Apart from that, Linen is recyclable and biodegradable too, meaning, that you would not add up to the ever-growing pile of textile waste globally.

Linen clothes: A Comfortable wear

If you have read the article, you probably have got the idea that linen is breathable, lightweight, thermoregulating and is probably the most comfortable clothing ever possible. Linen clothing usually has a loose fitting making them a perfect choice for all, irrespective of size, shape and shape.