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Nike Air Max 90

by david grandly - 25 Jun 2022, Saturday 362 Views Like (0)
Nike Air Max 90

Nike air max offers greater resistance, safety and comfort, as well as a perfect style. There is nothing that makes the world of fashion happier than super sneakers that can be easily combined!


  • Thanks to their Air Visible technology, they are comfortable, high-performance and highly durable shoes.
  • It is a trend model in the world of fashion. Every collector or fashion connoisseur has at least one pair of Nike Air Max 90 sneakers.
  • In the market they offer a wide variety of products and models and designs that adapt to your style. Nike is not only limited to fashion as they have a Nike Lunch Box and other home accessories. In addition, they have a specific line for you to personalize your pair with something that makes them completely unique.

Nike Air Max 90: Shopping Guide

Considered the best sneakers in history since its first release, the Nike Air Max 90 is by far part of the list of the best shoes in terms of style and comfort. Here you will find more details that you need to know about them if you are thinking of acquiring them.

What special lines do the Nike Air Max 90 have?

Currently, there are two lines of Nike Air Max 90 and within these some more models. Therefore, it is better to present it in a summarized way, in a way that allows you to be aware of all the current models according to the line you want.

Nike Air Max 90 Sportswear

This is a line very focused on facilitating day-to-day activities, promoting comfort with style:

  • NAM90 Premium: Haute couture + classic comfort. Featuring a range of leather, exotic textures, premium understated detailing and a removable tag you can customize.
  • NAM90 By You Classics: Legends on the track and on the street. With a constant reinvention of current colors and with an area for your personalized message.
  • NAM99 2029 By You: The sneaker with a futuristic vibe, but with a look from the past.

Nike Air Max 90 By You

In this series you will find more daring models. So it's great for collectors who aren't afraid to go off the beaten path:

  • NAM90 EOI: The lightest and most comfortable model. This combines absolutely everything good from the classic model to offer something much better.
  • NAM90 AX: These have a wilder style, thanks to their animal prints on the logo and lower eyelets.
  • NAM90 LTR: True to running shoes and completely monochrome, ideal for on-trend styles.
  • NAM90 SE: With a style similar to the AX, but more connected to the classic design.

What technology does the Nike Air Max 90 use?

The innovative technology of the Nike Air Max 90 is the Air VisibleThis is made up of a resistant and flexible capsule with pressurized air inside. Its function is to provide greater protection against impacts and function as cushioning.

In addition, its use provides benefits for the user, the brand and even the environment, since these shoes are made from 50% recycled materials.

These air chambers began to be used in the late seventies because the foams used for the soles at that time were heavy, worn and deformed. Therefore, the need arose to find a substitute.

What benefits do the Nike Air Max 90 offer?

The Nike Air Max 90 offers many benefits, not only in terms of comfort and ergonomics, but also in style and design.

  • Flexibility and cushioning: The elasticity of the air chambers does not sacrifice the structure of the shoe, always maintaining the tight fit throughout its useful life.
  • Durability: The Nike Air Max 90 shoes can last for many years. In addition, during its useful life, it keeps all its properties, such as cushioning and support, intact.
  • Sustainable: They are made with 50% recycled materials and 100% renewable energy. Therefore, you can enjoy them while maintaining a friendly relationship with the environment.
  • Energy absorption: The cushioning that this type of shoe has helps absorb the impact of each step you take. It improves performance, while at the same time protecting the body and the joints.
  • Lightness: The Nike Air is quite light and improves performance, since, by using less energy, you can do any sport or walk without weight on your feet.

How to look better the Nike Air Max 90????????

The Nike Air Max 90 has strongly marked the world of fashion in urban culture. They are the favorites of many artists, collectors and fashion experts. This is partly because they can be easily combined in different ways and always give a unique touch to outfits. Here we mention some ways in which you can show off your Air Max 90.

  • Gym Style : Today, sports fashion is a revolution. The new trend is to combine the sporty with the sophisticated. For this reason, the Nike Air Max 90 began to be used, since it is the final touch that can close that explosive combination. You can also wear them with the classic oversized sportswear look .
  • Femininity and toughness: It's already common to see girls these days add a touch of toughness to their looks by adding these chunky sneakers from Nike. Generally, they are used with dresses, creating a more comfortable look without losing style.
  • New elegance: Lovers of suits or those creatives who choose to dress more formal at work, include these sneakers to more classic outfits, consisting of pants and a blazer .
  • Denim style : It will never go out of style to be able to use these sneakers with your seasonal jeans , shorts or overalls. They add a unique touch, making the outfit 100% comfortable and stylish.
  • Your decision: Do you know what is the best thing about the Nike Air Max 90? They have so many models and designs that can always fit your style. Never hesitate to be creative and start using them however you want.

How to clean a NAM90?

Nike shoes can stay as good as new for a long period of time, as long as they are well cared for. Of course, there are two things you should never do when cleaning them.

  1. Never put your shoes in the washer or dryer.
  2. Do not use aggressive cleaning products, such as bleach.

The care that you must have with them when cleaning them are the following:

  • As a first rule, you should always clean them as soon as they get dirty, as this will make it easier to remove any stains.
  • Use a special brush or an old toothbrush to remove dirt from the shoe dry. Use the brush for the outer sole, the midsole and the upper part of the shoe.
  • If they are very dirty, just use a little detergent mixed with warm water.
  • Laces are the ones that tend to get dirty the most, so you should constantly clean them. You should always take them out of your shoes so you can wash them by hand with a little detergent and dry them in the open air or with a soft cloth.
  • After washing, use a microfiber towel to dry and remove moisture.


Nike is one of the biggest brands in sports fashion, so it's no surprise that it owns one of the best and most iconic sneakers in the world. There is no doubt that the Nike Air Max 90 and the Nike ISPA Overreact Futuristic Shoes are history in the world of urban fashion and an inheritance for the world of sports fashion in general.

Choosing a Nike Air Max 90 will offer you everything you are looking for when you think of a great shoe for you. They fit perfectly to your foot, achieving greater efficiency and better care of yourself while making you look amazing.