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Amc Token Pushes to Become the Next Meme Coin in 2022

by Hokk Finance - 16 May 2022, Monday 281 Views Like (0)
Amc Token Pushes to Become the Next Meme Coin in 2022

The cryptocurrency area has experienced exponential growth in meme coins in the last few years, with big success stories like Dogecoin, Safemoon, Shiba Inu, Evergrow Coin, etc.  

 But what do these big names have in common, and what makes them extraordinary? Well, this is not a simple question and there is not only one answer, but something is true, they all gave life-changing returns for the small retail investor with Meme Token.  

 Since the train is gone and these trades are already suffocated, everyone is struggling to find the next big thing.  

 The AMES (The Apes Movement Community Token) token is proud to be the first token created to generate wealth for Meme coin holders and expose the malpractices performed in the financial systems today for the benefit of a few . In this way, holders can go to the moon and establish a fairer, more transparent and less corrupt financial system is a win-win situation.  

 What makes AMC Token 's upcoming trade show launch different from so many others in the industry?  

 Let's look at the most outstanding features that make these projects different and why this startup looks like something not seen today.  

- First, the project team waived 92.5% of tokens so the real owners would be the community. Take, for example, the Shiba Inu coin, where only one wallet held 75% of the tokens and was never sold. That was partly why it rose so fast; with such a shortage and the popularity it gained, there were just not enough coins in circulation.  

- Second, No whitelist. We all know by now that whitelists are typically a scam for retail investors, where whitelists are ready to dump all coins in the first few minutes of hype (who knows if it was an original whitelist at all or was just finger picking).  

-Third, No Seed or Private Round, mostly seed and private rounds, are for large institutional investors who can buy a large block of the circulating supply for a small sum of money. In this way, the retail investor will always be at the mercy of the whales.  

- forward, No influencers purse; Today, it is a common practice in the industry where influencers are paid in tokens or cash to pump a project without worrying about whether it is legal or a scam.  

Fifth No privileged friends or insider information . This sounds normal, but with time to prepare and know the exact date and time of launch, privileged friends with insider information have an advantage over retail investors. 

 Check your calendars for April 2022. AMC Token (The Apes Movement Community Token) will launch the next 1000xgem; the exact date will be  announced soon exclusively in the official channels. Please do your own research and due diligence.  

 The launch will be on the Ethereum Network (ERC-20) for its standardized features, security, transparency and portability. The ticker is TAMC and has a maximum supply of 513,960,784 tokens. The small amount of tokens that exist makes it a scarce token by today's standards. 

 AMC's energetic community of monkeys is now numbered in the millions; this project will keep them together in one army with one target. To make life-changing money and become stronger together so that we can pressure the establishment to free up the financial systems.  

The AMC Token Team would like to invite you all to this extraordinary launch event. Feel free to download the white paper for more information.