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Everything You Need to Learn About the Pyramid Scheme

by Albert Stark - 08 Sep 2022, Thursday 129 Views Like (0)
Everything You Need to Learn About the Pyramid Scheme

A pyramid scheme is an unstable business model that generates revenue by finding new members rather than offering beneficial products, services, or investments. As a result, investors who fall into these schemes could suffer substantial financial losses. It is hence essential to be aware of it and be cautious.

What exactly is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a type of investment fraud that appears to be a sales opportunity or equity transaction. These con artists do not, however, make money from the purchase or selling of things or investments. As an alternative, the program makes money by attracting new investors. The number of investors at each level rises as those who have already invested in the scheme are encouraged to recruit new members, giving the pyramid its name.

Pyramid schemes can proliferate but always fail when new members are hard to find. When a pyramid scheme fails, almost all newer investors, particularly those at the pyramid's base, lose their money.

What happens in a pyramid scheme?

At the top of the chain of command is the initial recruiter, that is where it all begins. First, the person employs one additional person who is required to make a specific financial commitment. The initial recruiter is then given the advance money. Next, the recruit must enlist other members under him, each of whom will make an initial investment, to return his investment.

Each of the recently recruited members is in charge of finding recruits. For every ten people they hire, a person earns a significant profit, less than the initial compensation given to the person who hired them.

The scam will keep recruiting until it runs out of resources. At this point, people at the top of the pyramid would have significantly profited, while those at the bottom lose all of their money.

Types of Pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes can be in various forms, but the two most popular varieties are product-based and naked. Instead of making money from selling a good, a service, or an investment, participants in both types make money primarily from recruiting new members. They do, however, employ very distinct strategies; let's go over them below:

The Naked Pyramid Scheme:

In a naked pyramid scam, participants charge recruits a fee to join an "investment opportunity" that guarantees a substantial lump sum if the person recruits sufficient numbers of new participants. This program merely offers the chance to profit by enticing new members; no actual product or service is being sold.

The Product-Based Pyramid Scheme:

The product-based scheme differs from the naked scheme in that, as the name suggests, it frequently conceals its true nature through selling a good or service. New participants often invest in a starter kit or pay an upfront fee in product-based systems to become a distributor for a good or service. On the other hand, members are not financially benefited by the sale of the product, which is often challenging to market and has a small profit margin. Instead, participants get money by recruiting new members who also pay to join the plan.

Identifying pyramid schemes:

Pyramid schemes can occasionally pass for real business possibilities, making them difficult to spot. The following are some red flags indicating an investment proposal is a pyramid scheme:

  • Most investments carry some level of risk and take time to pay off. It is possibly a pyramid scheme if you're allowed to make a lot of money quickly.
  • A trustworthy company should allow you to make money off of your sales. If all of your income is derived from signing up new members, it is a pyramid scam.
  • It is a red flag if the offer requires you to sell things like mailing lists or reports. You ought to be able to market goods like cosmetics or home goods that will bring in money.
  • You should be free to consider anything carefully before spending money on it. A "strange" investment that needs to be paid back right away can be a pyramid scheme.


A pyramid scheme is an Investment plan that encourages you to find new investors to profit. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be disguised as real opportunities, making them hard to spot. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to spot them and, having done so, how to stay away from them at all costs.