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Top 7 Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in 2022

by Parveen Kumar - 19 Aug 2022, Friday 153 Views Like (0)
Top 7 Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in 2022

Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund is one of the most sought-after mutual fund houses in the country, with more than 8 million investors registered with it. The fund house has been ranked as 5th largest as per its asset under management (AUM) as of March 31st, 2022, which was Rs. 282561 crores. 
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Kotak mutual fund has around 100 mutual fund schemes for the investors, the top seven which are most purchased by the investors are given below. 

Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund

This fund has been providing an average return of 6.88% since its inception, which was 9 years and 7 months back in 2013. The fund is quite consistent with its return and also provides a fair amount of downside protection. As on 30th June 2022, the AUM of the fund stood at Rs. 25789 crores. The expenses ratio of the fund at present is 0.44%. Its current asset allocation is 0.13% in Equity while another 26.28% in remaining debt assets spread across different instruments. 

The fund has a 5-year return of 5.6% and 4.77% as a 3-years return, both higher than the category average. The fund has a very low risk associated with it due to investments in debt instruments primarily. The fund encashes market anomalies by investing in fixed income instruments as well.

Kotak Bluechip Fund

This fund was launched in 2013 as well, and since then, it has provided an average return of 14.50%. This fund consists of 96.69% of equity, and its top holdings are Reliance industries Ltd. ICICI Bank Ltd., HDFC Bank Ltd., Infosys Ltd., and others. 

The fund mainly has large-cap stocks, which comprise 785 of the total fund, followed by mid-cap stocks, which constitute 16.08% of the fund, and small-cap are there only 2.3%. The annualised return of the fund is around 16.24% for the past year, while the category average is 14.24%. The fund offers excellent downside protection and also provides consistent returns over the years. The expenses ratio of the fund is 0.78% at present, and a 1% exit load is also there. 

Kotak Bond Fund: 

This debt fund offered by Kotak Mutual fund is another top-rated mutual fund scheme that has been offering a consistent average return of around 7.71% since its inception. The fund is consisted of 96.66% debt instruments, out of which 92.49% are Sovereign bonds. The top instruments which constitute this fund are GOI Securities, which is around 67.73% in the fund, then 22.62% of GOI Securities Floating Rate Bond. 

The fund has been beating the category return as its annualised return is around 6.57%, while that of the category is around 5.69%. With a 0.63% expense ratio and 0% exit load, this fund is truly worth buying for long-term investors.  

Kotak Small Cap Fund

This fund consists of 92.9% equity and equity-related instruments, out of which 68.57% are invested in small-cap companies. The fund has been generating excellent returns, with an average of 20.54% since inception. Materials, consumer discretionary, chemicals and metals, and mining are the top four industries in which the fund has heavily invested. The returns are compared to the category average as well. 
The annualised return for the past year is 27.67%, while the category average is 22.45%. The fund's expense ratio is 0.59%, and it has 15 exit loads as well, with no lock-in period.  

Kotak Bond Short-term Fund

This fund has 98.27% of its assets invested in debt instruments. The fund has been generating an average return of 8.15% since inception, with a 3-year return of around 6.63% and a 5-year return of around 7.07%, both higher than the category average. The fund has a very nominal expense ratio of only 0.34%, and there is no exit load as well; even more, there is no lock-in period too which is common for debt funds. 
The fund invests in highly liquid instruments, which is evident from its asset allocation. It has 49.46% of its assets in AAA bonds and another 38.64% in Sovereign bonds.

Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund

This fund has 67.79% of debt instruments and 24.34% of equity in it to provide utmost liquidity to the investors and above-average returns. Since its inception, the average return of the fund has been around 10.65%, which is usually higher than the category average. The 5-year return of the fund is also quite high at 9.55%, and the 3-year return is higher actually, which is 12.82%, way higher than the category average. The fund has an expense ratio of only 0.45%, and the exit load is 1% with no lock-in period. 

Kotak Equity Savings Fund

This fund has been generating an average return of 9.31% since inception, and the returns are quite consistent. There is 31.53% equity, and 19.62% debt instruments in this fund and the remaining asset is spread across other instruments. This fund offers both capital appreciation and regular income opportunities with moderate risk levels. The expense ratio of this fund is a bit higher, which is 1.12%, the exit load is 1%, and no lock-in period. 
If you want to invest in Kotak Mutual Fund schemes, you can consider these seven funds, which offer consistent returns, downside protection, lower expense ratio, and other perks.