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Can I Feed Grubs to Chickens?

by sophia emmy - 30 Apr 2022, Saturday 70 Views Like (0)
Can I Feed Grubs to Chickens?

Many insects are referred to as  American grubs  it's nearly a generic term for larvae. True grub worms, on the other hand - those little white critters coiled up are beetle larvae. Scarab beetles, masked chafers, Japanese beetles, and billbugs are the most common grubs in the United States.

Grubs are a major annoyance for anybody concerned about the health of their lawns since they eat on the roots of grass and plants. It's a pleasant surprise to learn that hens enjoy eating them. In fact, most birds and many other tiny creatures like eating them.

AnchorWhat exactly are grubs as chicken food?

Tasty grubs are dried larvae of black soldier flies. Tasty American grubs are not only a tasty treat but also a great source of nourishment for your hens.

The nutritional values of the grubs are as follows:

  • Protein content: 36%
  • Calcium content: 4%
  • 4.5 percent crude fiber
  • 31 percent fat
  • 0.67 percent phosphorus
  • 9 percent moisture

AnchorHow can you feed grubs to the chicken?

To begin with, when they are very young, you should strive to feed the grubs free choice. This means the chicks should be able to choose whether or not to consume the grubs.

That is, the grubs must be kept separate from the meal in a flat dish or plate. You may ultimately place the grubs in your palm to develop a good relationship with your flock and develop trust.

When preparing food, make sure the serving tray is not deep and simple for the chickens to eat from. Yogurt container lids work great for keeping the grubs contained while yet providing the chickens access to the grubs.

The mother hen will automatically break up food particles into bite-sized bits for her chicks to ingest. You should follow suit! A newborn chick cannot devour an entire grub, no matter how hard they try.

Instead, break the grubs into smaller bits so they may be consumed easily. The grubs will eventually resemble grub crumbs, but the chicks will find them just as tasty!

Giving your chicks chunks of grass as the crushed grubs is a more natural approach to delivering grit. Allow some earth to remain clumped to the grassroots and lay the grass chunk on a shallow dish (the yogurt container lid is best for the purpose). Watch your chicks go crazy as you sprinkle crushed American grubs about the soil clump!

Chickens may be unsure and may take some time getting used to these treats in the beginning, but using your finger to feed them the grubs and dirt clump, the chicks will rapidly pick up on your cues and begin to enjoy the feed!

The soil connected to the grassroots acts as grit, assisting the chicks in digesting the crushed grubs. However, take care to obtain your grass from a clean surrounding to make sure that there is no pesticide on them.

You will also have to ensure that foliage is safe for your chicks to eat. Weed clumps such as chickweed, dandelion, and other chicken-safe weeds will be favorites of newborn chicks.


Another advantage of providing such a nutritious treat to the chickens is that the grubs may be used to educate your chicks to be sociable.

If you are the primary supplier of their favorite food, they will rapidly learn to enjoy your company! Treat the chickens with crushed grubs from your hand to encourage them to enjoy being fed by hand.

Feed them while they are sitting on your lap to demonstrate that being held isn't all awful! Have fun while they feed on their favorite grass clump and crush American grubs  with them.