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Innovative Ways to Use Gourmet Mustard and Give a Special Touch to Your Recipe

by Jars of Goodness - 08 Jun 2022, Wednesday 116 Views Like (0)
Innovative Ways to Use Gourmet Mustard and Give a Special Touch to Your Recipe

Mustard is a condiment that improves the taste of everything with just a little quantity. It is a delectable combination of salt, acid, and spice that make any dish tastier. Just add a teaspoon of gourmet mustard to your food to perk up any savory dish. Whether it is soup, salad dressing, sauces, or dips, mustard is your go-to condiment for a magical touch.

Here’s a look at innovative yet easy ways of using the mustard gourmet condiments in your day-to-day food:

  • Pretzels

If you are looking for a delicious dip for your good old pretzels, mustard can be a great choice. The store-bought pretzels, which are crunchy, taste amazing with yellow mustard. On the other hand, the grainy mustard goes well with the homemade soft pretzels taken out fresh from the oven. 

  • Honey mustard dressing

If you love to experiment with your dressings, mustard can be a great addition. Honey and mustard dressing taste impeccable and are very easy to make. Just shake and pour the dressing over anything of your choice. To make the dressing, you need to take a jar and pour honey, vegetable oil, mustard, a pinch of salt, and vinegar in a jar. Shake the jar well, and you are good to go! This dressing is perfect for all types of salads, but its complements iceberg and romaine salad more. 

  • Glazes

The mustard glaze should not just be confined to Easter and Christmas ham. The mustard glaze can be added to chicken wings, tenders, and thighs as a lip-smacking topping. Add mustard with brown sugar for the glaze and brush it over the meat during the last 30 minutes of the cooking. The glaze will give an amazing flavor to your meat.

  • Pan sauces

Once you are done sautéing the chicken breasts, it is time to add a splash of win and a dollop of mustard to make a great sauce. The lip-smacking sauce will give a magical touch to your chicken breasts. 

  • Dijon dip

Mix mustard with creamy mayo, and you have a great dip ready for crudités or steamed artichokes. You can keep on mixing little quantities of mayo and mustard till the time you get a perfect balance as per your taste preference. You can go ahead a make a fancy dip with creamy parmesan and mustard. 

  • Balsamic vinaigrette

Mustard can add zippy heat to the vinaigrette. Just make sure that the mustard has enough amount of salt so that you don’t have to add extra salt and seasoning in the recipe for taste. 

  • Lamb

Mustard tastes impeccable with lamb. Lamb meat requires strong flavors, and mustard is a perfect choice. No matter how you plan to cook your lamb, adding mustard can be a great way of enhancing its taste. 

  • With chicken

The boneless and skinless chicken tastes amazing when combined with the right baking sauce. There is a lot of flavor in the mustard-based sauce that you can’t even imagine. Just try it on your own and feel the flavors delighting your taste buds. 

  • With potatoes

If you wish to make scalloped potatoes, you can add mustard cheese and sliced onions. The flavourful potatoes will taste amazing. It is comfort food that everyone must try. 

  • Sausage

If you don’t wish to go fancy, just serve some chicken sausages alongside mustard. This will cut the sweetness of the glaze and give a great flavor. 

These days it’s so easy to grab your hands on the gourmet mustard jars. It’s available online, and you can order several jars to stock in your kitchen. One of the best things about these gourmet condiments is that you can also gift them to loved ones and friends along with your secret recipes so that they can also relish on delectable dishes.