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Toronto’s Most Unique Halal Dessert Spot

by Rollz Ice Cream - 31 Aug 2022, Wednesday 258 Views Like (0)
Toronto’s Most Unique Halal Dessert Spot

Toronto is the hotspot for diverse cultures. This means that the city has access to many types of cuisines and food, even desserts. While there are many unique and delicious dessert spots in Toronto, Rollz Ice Cream is especially unique for its use of ingredients that ensure those who follow halal requirements are still able to enjoy desserts without any worry about their dietary requirements.]

The diverse menu

Rollz Ice Cream is your ultimate gelatin-free, halal dessert spot, offering a wide variety of desserts from rolled ice cream to waffles. The best part is, while Rollz does omit certain ingredient items like gelatin, the delicious taste and decadence of desserts aren’t affected and are still enjoyed by everyone! There’s an option to cater to everyone’s needs!

Highlight menu items

Rollz Ice Cream has a vast variety of desserts for you to try from rolled ice cream to milkshakes. Here are some to try if you ever come by our stores in GTA:

Maharaja Paan kulfi

This ice cream flavor from Rollz is a desi-inspired rolled ice cream flavor. Paan is a common after-meal treat and palette cleanser in South Asia, and even some other countries in Southeast and East Asian regions. It is made of betel leaf that’s filled with chopped betel nut and slaked lime, and often other ingredients as well. Similar ingredients are used to recreate a rolled ice cream flavor and must-try flavor at Rollz.

Kesar falooda

Falooda is a dessert drink that is made similar to a regular milkshake such as milk and ice cream. The defining feature of faloodas is their addition of a vermicelli-type dessert noodle that is made from cornstarch, sago, wheat, or arrowroot. Other defining ingredients of a falooda is the addition of ingredients such as tapioca pearls, jelly, rose syrup, milk, and sweet basil seeds. Kesar falooda is specifically saffron-flavored. It is the perfect floral flavor combination with the rich milkshake-type sweet treat, perfect for any day!

Strawberry Cracker waffles

Strawberries are perfect for any given day – it is sweet and tangy, which makes for a refreshing treat. A great dessert would be a strawberry cracker waffle. Strawberries and crackers, topped on a waffle are a great way to enjoy a warmer day. While this dessert is refreshing, it is also filling to keep your energies up for a great day.

Looking for the top halal dessert in the Greater Toronto Area? Look no further, Rollz Ice Cream has got your back! We have a selection of desserts for you to try. Come visit one of our stores today!

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