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3 Foods That Swimmers Would Take to a Desert Island

by American USA - 16 May 2022, Monday 174 Views Like (0)
3 Foods That Swimmers Would Take to a Desert Island

What are the foods that a swimmer never forgives? Let's see it!

We have already discussed the need for swimmers to follow good eating habits. In addition to reviewing what we should eat before and after Lifeguard training, and during the competition, we have also made a list of what we like to eat the most (always in quantity).

There are many important sports foods, each with its own characteristics and for different reasons. Some are especially suitable for recovering after a hard workout or a race, for example, and others are recommended to provide the necessary energy before exertion.

But there are also certain products that we take for pleasure, and that if we can, we take daily. How have I chosen the three that I consider essential? Well, wondering what I would take to eat on a desert island. It's still a somewhat surreal method, but if I found myself in that situation, here's what I would put in my backpack.


That it appears first on the list is no coincidence. I'm sure it's the number one choice for a lot of people. A good plate of pasta contains all the carbohydrates you need to train with energy. If you also take into account how much you are going to enjoy at the table, you will understand why it is the first thing that came to mind.


Since, after all, I'm supposed to go to the desert island to train, and I like to do it very early, something that I absolutely cannot miss is coffee. I always start the day with one and even repeat the ritual if I train after eating. The properties of caffeine help keep the body active without going overboard with stimulation.


Perhaps this third choice seems somewhat more unexpected to you. Fruit (and also vegetables) have always been part of my diet. A good dose of vitamins is what makes the body function as it should. In addition, oranges, like many other types of fruit, contain an appreciable amount of natural sugars that athletes need.

I'm sure I'm right if I imagine that many of you would have chosen at least one or two items from my list. In any case, it is a matter of habits and personal preferences, and therefore it cannot be exactly the same for everyone.