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5 Benefits of Practicing Yoga When You Work From Home

by Hina Abbas - 23 Jul 2022, Saturday 339 Views Like (0)
5 Benefits of Practicing Yoga When You Work From Home

5 Benefits of practicing yoga when you work from home

If you have ever practiced yoga, you will know all the benefits that this discipline brings to your body and mind. You will also know that when you spend a few minutes working on the mat, your mood changes. Even when you don't really feel like doing yoga! For this reason, today I want to talk to you about the benefits of practicing yoga when you work from home.

And if you haven't tried it yet... in this article we are going to tell you why you should practice yoga when you work from home.


Being a digital nomad or working from home has many advantages when it comes to planning your schedules and spending your time as you wish, but it also has some drawbacks that have more to do with the environment in which you carry out your activities and the postures in which you work .

And it is that, one of the main characteristics of working at home, is that you can do everything from a computer.

The prolonged use of screens and the hours you spend sitting at your desk (also say kitchen table, sofa or anywhere in your house), to do your work, leads to back problems associated with poor posture maintained, excessive tension in the neck and pain in the shoulders, wrists and hips.


To all of the above we add that, if you do not have a good schedule planning, you can spend too many hours sitting in a chair, without taking the necessary breaks to mobilize your body and stop looking at the PC.

For this reason, as in almost everything, you have to find the right balance between work and rest, movement and maintained postures, computer and other off-screen activities.

Here are 5 benefits of practicing yoga when you work from home

reduce stress

The practice of yoga allows you to connect with the present moment, since it combines movement and breathing (something that "forces" you to be focused on what you are doing).

This is very useful to disconnect from work tasks for a few moments and return to calm. If you are not able to define spaces for your work, personal life and well-being, you will possibly end up burnt out ( know the burnout syndrome ).

Removing weight from what worries you and deactivating the autopilot that often accompanies you during the work day at home, is one of the ways to take care of your mental health.


When you practice yoga at home and take breaks during your work activity, you help your body to release stress and your mind “refreshes”, something like a necessary reset to continue.

improve concentration

Working from home is a reality every day more established in our times and from what we can see, this modality will continue to increase.

As we told you at the beginning, working remotely has the advantages of being able to be in a comfortable and familiar environment, having your own schedule and adapting your work to the needs you have at all times.

However, so that you can maintain an ideal work pace, without spending more hours than you should, it is important that while you are in front of your computer, you keep focused on what you have to do.

And why do we say this? Because it has been shown that after a certain amount of time working in front of screens, concentration decreases considerably and tasks take longer to complete.

A job that could be completed in one or two hours, is extended to three or four, because during the process you have been distracted by other tasks. This often happens when the workplace is your own home.


In this case, daily yoga practice will help you improve your ability to concentrate and focus: be where you are .

It is true that it is not something that is achieved overnight. You need to train yourself in concentrating your mind on a single task, because multitasking does not always bring the best results, on the contrary, doing many things at the same time negatively influences the productivity and quality of the tasks.

Yoga is a great tool to increase your ability to concentrate.

You can spend a few minutes meditating or doing pranayama (exercises for breath control), before turning on the computer screen. Take your time each morning to start your day with energy.

Improve your body posture

They say that age is measured by the flexibility of your spine. So we will not ask you how old you are, but: Can you touch your feet with your hands? Do the test!.

If you don't make it, don't be alarmed, this lack of flexibility is reversible and the practice of yoga is the best instrument to work on it.

The regular practice of yoga allows you to improve bodily capacities such as strength, elasticity and balance.

It will also help you to have more body awareness, something very important so you don't spend hours and hours in front of the computer with an incorrect posture.

Look at your shoulders, your lower back, the way you keep your head in front of the computer, and you will realize that many of the pains that appear at the end of the day are related to the way you sit and the lack of movement.

Do a short routine of stretching and yoga exercises between breaks, or practice a full class before heading to work.

Improve your digestive health

Doing yoga on a regular basis improves physiological processes such as digestion and the elimination of waste from your body.

The twists and forward bends that are performed in yoga will help you massage the internal organs, something essential when you spend long hours sitting.

It is also essential that you take care of your diet if you are working at home. Choose lighter foods that provide you with a large amount of nutrients and fiber.

Promotes rest and deep sleep

Once you start doing yoga regularly, your sleep improves.

Thanks to the fact that you become more aware of your breathing and learn to oxygenate yourself well, in addition to the physical postures (asanas) that promote calm for your nervous system, you can verify that your hours of sleep are more restful.