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Are You Experiencing Fall Blues?

by sadaf hasan - 07 Oct 2022, Friday 420 Views Like (0)
Are You Experiencing Fall Blues?

For some people, autumn is an exciting time. The leaves turn orange, the air turns chilly and the pumpkin flavor becomes your new best friend. 

However, for others, the salient feature of fall is the blues that it brings. People find themselves depressed, down, and dreary. These blues may be just what they are, a downtime because your routine is changing. 

Or it could also be a sign of seasonal affective disorder. SAD is a type of depression that occurs on account of changes in the weather. While it mostly starts in the fall and continues during winter, it can also occur in the spring and summer periods as well.

Often, people brush off their symptoms of the blues and SAD and continue to suffer in vain. If you think your mood and mind change with the weather, you should consider getting help from the best Psychiatrist in Karachi

Signs of fall blues

Fall blues can are different from SAD in the presentation of the symptoms. Often, they occur because you donít get sufficient sunlight, which then leads to hormonal changes. These, in turn, have an impact on your mood, leading then to the detestable blues. 

Another important reason could be vitamin D levels. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D, which not only makes your bones strong but also plays a role in your mood as well. Low levels of vitamin D increase the propensity toward depression. The changes in life that occurred during this period may also be to blame. 

The signs of fall blues include:

Experiencing a lack of energy 

Feeling depressed 

Having the overwhelming thought of being unworthy or unaccomplished

Losing interest in living 

Suffering from anxiety 

Signs of Seasonal affective disorder

The symptoms of SAD include:

Changes in appetite

Loss of interest in everything, even the activities that you once enjoyed

Issues with focusing and concentrating

Feeling as if you donít have energy for anything

Feeling despair, worthless, or guilty for feeling all this. 

Sleep issues: either you sleep too much or too little

Suicide ideation or feeling is done with life

The overwhelming feeling of being sad and down

In fall and winter SAD, people experience the added symptoms of eating more which leads to weight gain, sleeping far too much, and experiencing lethargy. 

In spring and summer SAD, people might not sleep enough, have a poor appetite, and undergo anxiety as well. 

How to deal with the seasonal blues?

The good news is that you donít have to soldier through the blues. There are several interventions and techniques that can be of help. Some of the helpful things include:

Exercise is key 

Exercise is very important for not just your physical health, but it is crucial to your mental health as well. Alongside lowering stress, improving mood, and giving mental clarity, exercise can also help with reducing blues. If possible, try to exercise in nature and its healing powers. 

Focus on your diet 

The gut is hailed as the second brain. So, keeping it healthy is important. Therefore, make sure that you do not succumb to the carbohydrate cravings that occur with the season, but eat a healthy and balanced diet. 

Focus on taking more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Snack on nuts and seeds. 

Practice relaxation techniques

If you regularly practice relaxation techniques, you can curb your bodyís assumption of being in danger. Some helpful ones include breathing exercises, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. 

Put things in perspective 

Your brain is powerful, and capitalizing on it is important, otherwise, the negative spiral will color everything blue. So, try to tell your brain you are fine and happy. 

One way to do this is by practicing gratitude. Another helpful thing is to focus on the present.  Try to do things that give you joy, every day. 

Get help 

If you have SAD, you definitely should get the help of a mental health expert, but the best Psychiatrist in Rawalpindi can also be of help with the blues as well.