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Basic Rules of Using an Electric Shaver!

by cary moralish - 28 Jul 2022, Thursday 149 Views Like (0)
Basic Rules of Using an Electric Shaver!

Men choose to shave their heads for varied reasons. While some get bald heads to look fashionable or trendy, others simply use this style to mask their balding crowns. No matter the reasons, notable studies report that bald men look taller, sturdier, and more dominant than men flaunting their glossy hair. So, are you set to embrace your bald head? Itís time to grab your head shaver and get started!

???????Using an electric shaver can seem quite daunting if you are shaving your head for the first time. Thatís where this article can be beneficial for you. All men who practice head shaving need to know some basic rules of electric shaving to make the most of their shaving experience. Below is a step-by-step grooming guide that can help you get a shiny dome in no time.

Step 1.  Prepare Your Scalp

???????Unless you have a highly efficient electric shaver that offers both dry and wet shave options, opt for dry shaving. A dry and stiff stubble will enable you to achieve a better head shave. However, ensure to use alcohol-free shaving foam, gel, cream, or any other pre-shave product to wash off dirt, oil, and grime from your hair. Pre-shave products are usually formulated with vitamin E which protects the scalp from irritation and bumps.

Step 2. Hold the Shaver Right

Holding your electric head shaver at right angles allows you to achieve a sleek and smooth head shave in less time. However, donít rush! Use slow and gentle strokes in straight lines. The convenience of electric shaving is that you can glide the shaver against the direction of hair growth, unlike traditional razors. Just remember, foil shavers provide amazing results when used in a back-and-forth direction and rotary shavers work best in circular motions.

Step 3. Stick to Aftershave Care

Scalp repair is as essential as head shaving! Hence, never ignore the aftershave care routine. Once you complete shaving your head completely bald, rinse your scalp with water. This will remove the leftover product from your scalp as well as tighten the pores and hair follicles. Now, apply a small amount of aftershave balm, lotion, or oil to hydrate and moisturize your scalp. This will improve the quality of your head shave and keep up the shine of your dome.

Step 4. Clean Your Shaver

Itís very important to clean your head shaver after every use. Rinse your used shaver before placing it on the bathroom shelf. If you have an advanced electric shaver with self-cleaning stations, place it in its cleaning station. This will keep the blades in their best forms, increasing their performance and longevity. Cleaning your shaver will keep bacteria away and thus protect your scalp from rashes or bumps on the next shave. One key point to note here is that tap-washable head shavers should be air dried before wrapping them up in a zipped pouch or sealed box. Or else the shaver will develop a moldy smell due to the residual water.

Step 5. Replacement

Using dull blades and foils can cause irritation and redness on your scalp. Hence, itís really important to replace the worn-out parts with new ones. Although most electric shavers from top-end brands come with a guarantee of 2-3 years, itís better to replace the blades and shaving heads every 12-18 months. This keeps up the optimum performance of the head shavers, allowing men to achieve a smooth and safe head shave. Always remember, shaving your head with dull blades will require you to press your scalp harder and you may even need to shave the same area twice or thrice to get rid of the stubble. This can cause a burning sensation, irritation, redness, and bumps on your scalp, more so if you have a sensitive scalp.


Bottom Line

Patience is the key to achieving a smooth and sleek head shave regardless of whether you are an electric head shaver novice or a frequent user. Hope this article helped you learn the basics of electric shaving. Rest assured, following this guide will help you shave your head the right way. Just remember, if you are a newbie in the head shaving journey then your scalp may take some time to adjust to the new routine. However, sticking to the shaving technique will help you achieve amazing results in the long run. In search of an efficient electric shaver? Check out Groomieís extensive collection of head shavers - one of the leading products in the market!