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Before Doing Bikram Yoga, What Do You Need to Know About Its Benefits?

by Shrishti Khairwal - 06 Oct 2022, Thursday 313 Views Like (0)
Before Doing Bikram Yoga, What Do You Need to Know About Its Benefits?

Bikram yoga is also called hot or hot yoga. But what is it about this yoga, which is called hot yoga? If you have done this yoga then you must have understood, but if you have not practiced it yet, then let us tell you everything about Bikram Yoga. So most gyms or fitness centers recommend doing yoga in a warm or warm room. But Bikram yoga, also known as hot or hot yoga, is a completely different type of yoga. Technically speaking, Bikram is a version of 'Hatha', which is a traditional or traditional branch of yoga, which combines the breath or breath of Pasteur and Breathing. But its specialty is that it is not just a style of yoga, but altogether it is a different kind of experience.

Each session of Bikram Yoga may or may not be of approximately 90 minutes. In every session, there are 26 Asanas i.e. Yoga Poses, 26 Yoga Poses, and 2 Breathing Exercises. The practice of Bikram Yoga is done in a room with a temperature of 41 degrees, as well as Bikram Yoga is done or should be done only and only under the supervision of a Bikram Certified Instructor, but the heat and Tough Pastures i.e. difficult postures of Bikram Yoga, Different challenges can arise in this yoga practice than in normal yoga. That is why today we are going to tell you some ways to stay safe and get the most out of the Bikram Yoga session.

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Warm Bodies- Need to know-

In the 1970s, Bikram Choudhary (India's 4-time yoga champion) after whom this yoga was named Brikum, created a series of yoga poses or pastes for amateur yogis. Ever since Bikram developed his practice, hundreds of Bikram Yoga Centers have become Bikram Yoga Centers around the world. Regardless of the location, a 90-minute sweat-wicking session of Bikram yoga consists of the same series of postures or postures, such as the half moon, and standing bow. According to Bikram's official website, “Heat, or heat, works to remove toxins from the body through sweat, stretch the muscles and improve circulation throughout the body.

The heat certainly gets the heart pumping, but the debate over whether it can count as cardiovascular exercise or not is yet settled! The movements done at the same pace do not leave any significant effect on the body, so Bikram yoga becomes a good option for runners and people with painful joints. Research also shows that this form of yoga can increase strength and flexibility, as well as help with weight loss.

On the other hand, critics claim that heat can limit the body a bit, and sometimes actually do more harm than good. When people are suddenly able to push themselves beyond their normal limits. Extreme heat can also be a problem for people with heart-related problems, high blood pressure, or people who are more vulnerable to dehydration or heat stroke. Bikram yoga is a difficult experience for first-timers. Often crowded rooms, heat, sweat, and difficult yoga postures make this yoga or exercise difficult. Therefore, before going for this yoga session, definitely take advice from the doctor, whether you have any health problems and is your body ready for this tough yoga practice. Even if you have any kind of history related to the heart, do not try Bikram Yoga without medical advice.

So now if you are ready to take advantage of this yoga session, then here we have brought some extra tips for you.

The Action Plan

Get Ready! Gate Prepared. Since Bikram yoga is completely different from other routines or normal yoga trends, it takes a little preparation. The first thing you have to do is to prepare your mind, because Bikram Yoga, it takes more strength of the mind than the body, after that a little preparation. Start hydrating 24 hours in advance for a Bikram session. Drinking water immediately after drinking water or before a session is not good for Bikram yoga. That is why start preparing the body a day before.

Also, dispose of the food about 1 to 2 hours before your session. Suppose the stomach should be light at that time. Not that he ate and immediately went for yoga. Because overloading of stomach or stomach full of water will make you uncomfortable as well as you will have to go to the toilet between sessions, due to which there is also a risk of getting hot and cold.

Dress to impress-

Choose comfortable clothes. That is, such that it does not become heavy when wet. Do not move when wet. Cotton clothes or T-shirts also absorb a lot of sweat and become heavy too. So choose form-fitting clothes, sporty ones. In which sweating does not stop. Not the kind we wear for swimming! Consider this type of material. By the way, many people now look for both fashion and comfort and wear as few clothes as possible for yoga or gym sessions. This is also a good option. This reduces the damage caused by clothing. Spandex shorts for men and fitted shorts and stretchy tank tops or sports bras for ladies will be a perfect choice.

Water bottle-

Don't forget the water bottle! It is okay not to drink a lot of water before the session, but water has to be carried along. Keep the bottle next to your yoga mat, and take small sips between sessions as per your need. However, I will still say the same that the ideal situation is that you should drink water about one to one and a half hours before your class or session. And when you do this, there should not be a need to drink water in between pastes, but it is also true that everybody has their own different needs, and different demands. That's why weigh things according to you.

One more thing, it is not necessary that the instructor does not give rest or relaxing postures, so at whatever point you feel that you need a break for some time, then sit or lie down in your place calmly. Your body's voice with any yoga pose, session, or exercise. If she tells you not now, then no!

Carry your luggage during yoga practice-

Many studios, by the way, provide yoga mats. But after the Kovid times, it will be right that you take your yoga mat with you. Anyway, many people feel comfortable with their own belongings, say personal mat. Also, it remains safe, after that a hand towel is a must. Because Bikram yoga sessions are sweaty, this is your 'not to forget' tool. But remember one thing, sweating is very important to maintain the temperature of the body, so do not wipe the sweat excessively.

B Vocal-

That is to say, before your session, openly tell your instructor about any kind of medical history you have. An experienced yoga instructor can suggest a better position or change to reduce stress on a particular part of the body. By the way, the position or posture can be made easy or difficult depending on the needs of each individual.

Focus On Yourself - Concentrate On Yourself

In the case of yoga positions, it happens many times that we ourselves become a part of the same competition after getting influenced by the efforts of others. Or at least we try, that he has done it, so we have to do it. But this is not a food, what difference does it make if you eat more than one roti? You have to pay attention to the flexibility of your body, and everything it needs and tries to push the efforts on that basis. Not everything is going to happen in one day anyway.

Rest It Out

After the session or class, take coconut water or any sports drink or electoral according to your body and time requirement, take it to dehydrate your body, you can also eat a banana. The specialty of Bikram Yoga studios is that they send you out after bathing in sweat, so before meeting anyone, please fix your attitude! And for sweating, keep it in your carry bag.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga-

  • There are many benefits to doing Bikram Yoga,
  • Many types of harmful toxins come out in the form of sweat from Bikram Yoga. This is the reason why a person often feels a new kind of freshness after a session of Bikram Yoga.
  • In this yoga, since there is more sweating than usual, it helps in weight loss.
  • This is a very good practice to detox the body.
  • Due to being done in a hot environment, this yoga gives a lot of relaxation to the muscles of the body.
  • This yoga cures muscle rupture and some muscle injuries with ease.
  • Bikram yoga is also beneficial in many diseases related to the stomach.???????