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Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer? You Need to Know

by Mansab Ali - 16 Aug 2022, Tuesday 340 Views Like (0)
Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer? You Need to Know

Laser hair removal in Dubai is an excellent way to permanently remove unwanted hair, but if you are unfamiliar with lasers, you may be concerned about the potential health hazards. Many people are concerned about the possibility of laser hair removal causing cancer.

Lasers are used to remove undesirable hair, exfoliate the skin to reduce scars and wrinkles, and stimulate collagen production. But, is it safe? This is the question in many people's thoughts while considering having full body laser hair removal in Dubai. Let us now attempt to answer this question.

What is laser hair removal technology?

Let's start with a definition of lasers. They are essentially radiation but of a harmless kind. Laser therapy employs non-ionizing radiation to generate a fine laser beam, which is utilized in laser hair removal to kill the hair follicle. This therapy is used to remove tattoos, varicose vein treatment, plump up the skin, and is also utilized in dental procedures, eye and skin surgery, and cancer treatment.

The type of radiation coming out from lasers is sometimes called non-ionizing radiation. This is different from ionizing radiation from nuclear sources and X-rays which are carcinogenic or cancer-causing. In terms of cancer risk, X-rays and gamma rays are the most dangerous and are known as high-frequency ionizing radiation. Yet, X-rays are used even today to take pictures of our bones.

What matters is that when this type of ionizing radiation goes through our bodies, it can cause direct damage to our cells' DNA, eventually leading to cancer. When lasers flow through the layers of our skin, this does not occur. According to a study, the light radiation from these lasers does not penetrate deep into the skin. The laser beam remains superficially at the skin's level, and these lasers do not induce DNA damage or DNA mutations, which are changes in DNA that have been related to cancer.

Let us investigate why lasers do not cause cancer.

Lasers are now commonly used for a variety of operations and non-invasive procedures that can contribute in the treatment of numerous conditions. Lasers are used in a variety of medical and cosmetic applications, ranging from hair removal to surgery. There is a widespread misconception that lasers are harmful and may even be carcinogenic or cancer-causing in nature. There are some logical arguments to prove that laser hair removal in Dubai is totally safe and does not cause any kind of cancer or illness.

  • Light penetration

For many people, the fact that laser therapy of the hair, skin or other areas of the body involves the penetration of high-energy beams into that portion of the body may be cause for concern. However, the beams do not penetrate very deeply. Typically, this penetration occurs only to the extent of hair follicles and skin, leaving internal organs unaffected.

  • Reproductive organs

Many women are also afraid that full body laser hair removal in Dubai may create issues and cancer in the reproductive organs if administered to the area surrounding these organs. This is not true because the laser beams are only applied to the area's hair follicles. Because laser beams are not applied to the reproductive organ, there is no influence on the internal reproductive organ.

  • Redness

At their most extreme, lasers can induce skin reactions such as redness. This does not imply that the lasers can cause cancer. This can easily be addressed by just applying ice to the affected area.

  • DNA mutation

It is claimed that the ionizing radiation from laser beams can induce DNA mutations. However, this is not the case. These DNA abnormalities can cause the appearance and creation of aberrant and cancerous cells, which can grow and spread to become malignant tumors. However, laser treatments and applications lack the ability to generate such DNA changes, and there is no medical evidence to support this claim.

Precautions for expecting mothers

Laser hair removal in Dubai is a popular cosmetic procedure for smooth, hair-free skin, however, no research has been done on pregnant women. To avoid any risk, it is usually advised to avoid the procedure till the lactation period. Also, always consult with your healthcare practitioner if you have any questions or concerns.

Final Verdict

Because lasers used for hair removal do not emit UV radiation, they cannot cause skin cancer. Laser hair removal in Dubai is extremely safe when performed by an expert laser technician in a recognized clinic. There is no evidence that laser therapy increases the risk of any sort of cancer or other illness.

Moreover, before considering full body laser hair removal in Dubai, it is critical to test it on a small section of your skin to ensure that it does not harm you and trigger a reaction. Furthermore, for laser-related procedures, it is critical to seek out a well-known clinic, or doctor, such as Reveal Medical Center to ensure the best possible results.