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Common Myths on Asthma That Should Be Noted and Busted

by Ayur Prakash - 28 May 2022, Saturday 334 Views Like (0)
Common Myths on Asthma That Should Be Noted and Busted

Asthma happens to be one of the most common yet misunderstood diseases in the present-day world. A lot of confusion, half-knowledge, and made-up myths have been making rounds for years. But this increased with the spread of COVID-19 as everyone had their own theories about respiratory diseases and they didnít mind spreading some more misconceptions about asthma. Ayurvedic experts warn people to stay away from such lies and bust some of these myths with scientific explanations. It doesnít matter if you are undergoing asthma treatment in ayurveda or not, you can always hear how experts in this field separate lies from the truth.

Some Common Myths About Asthma And Their Explanation


Myth 1: Childhood asthma cures on its own as the child becomes an adult. 

Fact: The symptoms may reappear in later years due to the unresolved root cause of the disease. 

Explanation: It's true that the effect of asthma goes down with age but that is not a cure. Children suffering from asthma may improve as they grow up but since the originating cause is still somewhere within, it may trigger in adulthood due to other reasons like stress, pollution, allergens, etc. therefore, it is wise to get proper treatment in a small age to reduce the chances of recurrence. 

Myth 2: Exercise is not healthy for people suffering from asthma. 

Fact: Regular exercise especially yoga increases the strength and immunity of the respiratory system. 

Explanation: There are many who believe that exercising aggravates the signs and symptoms of asthma bringing the patient closer to the brink of an attack. However, doctors all over the world suggest that regular physical activity improves lung conditions. It also improves overall fitness as well as the quality of life for the practitioners. Yoga offers some excellent breathing and physical exercises for asthma patients that are known to subdue the symptoms and chances of an attack. It is a legit part of the asthma treatment in ayurveda and is mandated by Ayurvedic experts. However, it is true that asthmatics should refrain from strenuous physical activity and should only take on tasks that are within bounds of their physical stamina. 

Myth 3: Asthma medications turn into addicting habits and lose their effectiveness over time. 

Fact: Most asthma medications are safe and mandatory for effective asthma management. 

Explanation: The effects of asthma are different on different people. Some people experience minor symptoms while for some it turns into a chronic condition that needs strong medication. Ayurvedic medicines for asthma are completely herbal and 100% natural in nature. They are neither addicting nor lose their effectiveness over time. You can stop them anytime you want and begin whenever needed under a doctorís guidance. 

Myth 4: Asthma is not a fatal disease. 

Fact: It may be fatal for some but under very rare conditions.

Explanation: It is a chronic and incurable condition that gets worse with time if overlooked. Medication, therapies, and exercises only subdue its symptoms and effects, but the root cause of this disease is unknown. However, in Ayurveda, the texts define vitiation of the basic three doshas as the root cause of this disease and thus treat it accordingly. In any case, it is better to get proper treatment and keep the medication on you than to invite any fatality. 

Myth 5: Asthma treatment is needed only when the signs and symptoms surface. 

Fact: Regular medication is needed to keep the condition under control and allow the patient to lead a normal functional life. 

Explanation: There are a few medicines that offer a quick resolution of the condition while there are some that need regular intake for long-term rectification of the condition. Asthma is a chronic, long-term problem that needs regular support to keep the inner airways from swelling and inflammation. If this support is withdrawn, the condition may get worse and the patient may suffer more intense attacks. The prescription of medication totally depends on the medical history and age group of the patient. 

These are some of the common myths along with their facts. Apart from allopathic treatment, asthma treatment in ayurveda  offers a natural and side-effect-free way out of this condition.