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Ear Ache Remedies Suggested by Ent Doctors

by Jaipurdoor been - 26 May 2022, Thursday 343 Views Like (0)
Ear Ache Remedies Suggested by Ent Doctors

A viral bacterial infection of the middle ear that results from a complication of an allergy or common cold is known as Otitis Media. This type of infection is more frequent in children. However, the treatment for this infection is the same for children as well as elders. In this infection, your ear will feel pain showcasing a red and bulging eardrum.

Prescribed Remedies By ENT Experts

Most people heal from this infection without any need for antibiotics or treatment. However, since ENT doctors in Jaipur cannot predict whose infection will heal on their own, they still prescribe antibiotics like Amoxicillin to all their patients, especially the ones who experience it severely in the last 72 hours. However, if there is severe pain along with fever and bulging of the eardrum Myringotomy is been performed by the ENT specialists to heal your pain in the minimum time. If your earache is not severe then ENT doctors suggest you some common ache remedies.

Here Are Some Common Earache Remedies Suggested By ENT Doctors:-

1. Herbal Drops

These drops have various oils, especially garlic oil. Garlic is considered a natural antibiotic which means that it possesses antibacterial properties. You need to warm up the bottle in a hot water cup and then put a few drops into the infected ear. You can use a hairdryer for about 3 minutes in a low setting. Then, use a hot folded washcloth that will be inserted in a zip-locked bag. You need to continue doing this about three to four times a day.

2. Peroxide and Alcohol

Mix about 50% Peroxide and 50% Alcohol. Pour 2-3 drops into your ear aching part. You will see some bubbles. When it stops bubbling, then turn over and allow draining down from this aching region. You can repeat the procedure if you think it is required. It will kill the bacteria and warm up the ear.

3. Cotton Wool Bud and Olive Oil

Take warm water and olive oil in a cup and half dip a cotton bud in it. Gently put the bud inside the aching ear and let it stay for a few minutes. After a few seconds, take it out. You can use heating pads while sleeping as they will also heal your pain.

4. Salt in a Sock

Place a frying pan on low flame and pour some salt into the pan. Then, place the heated salt inside a clean cotton handkerchief and place this sock on your aching ear. You will feel relieved from the earache pain in a few minutes. Potato steam is also suggested by ENT doctors in Jaipur to heel your earache.

5. Alcohol and White Vinegar

Pour a few drops of Alcohol into the aching ear. Then, put a few drops of white vinegar before lying down. Your aching ear side should be the upper part. After a few minutes, turn to your aching side such that the aching side will fall down and will lie onto a hot damp towel. Wait until the towel cools down, reheat it and repeat the procedure about four times. You can also put some alcohol in a cup and heat it inside a microwave for about 5 seconds. Then, allow it to cool for a few seconds and softly pour a few drops into the aching ear.

If your earache is not cured of these remedies then ENT doctors in Jaipur will suggest you take antibiotics that will reduce the earaches and if the conditions are even worse then proper treatment and surgeries are needed for such bacterial infections.

Some of the common types of surgeries performed by ENT doctors in Jaipur are Tonsillectomy, Rhinoplasty which can be performed for aesthetic reasons, and Adenoidectomy which involves the removal of the adenoids that are located at the back of the nose and are a single clump of tissue. Reasons behind the removal of adenoids are chronic infections, impaired breathing, and earaches.