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Guide to Hand Therapy on the Gold Coast

by Aria Tyler - 30 Aug 2022, Tuesday 170 Views Like (0)
Guide to Hand Therapy on the Gold Coast

Hand therapy is a specific form of rehabilitation conducted by a physio or occupational therapist for patients suffering conditions impacting the hands and upper extremities. Hand therapy on the Gold Coast is important for patients with hand pathology.

Hand therapy aids patients in returning to their usual routine post injury or atraumatic pain. Therapy begins with an initial assessment. This will help therapists learn what symptoms one has and what are oneís goals. They will conduct a thorough review of the treatment which has already occurred.

After this, the therapist will conduct a detailed examination to determine the nature of the problem. Next, they will create a plan with a timeline and goals. Such a plan will help one reach desired functionality.

Hand therapy in Mudgeeraba with the Palms Hand Therapy consists of various treatments with the therapist. It also comprises assignments to be finished at home. Skipping sessions can lead to a plateau of recovery, which may compromise the ultimate outcome. It is crucial that the patient and therapist work together as a team in order to ensure the optimal outcome. 

Hand therapy is ideal for patients with stiffness, pain, or other fine motor or functional challenges to enhance mobility in the wrist, thumb, fingers, and hand. Most often, hand therapy is advised by doctors or surgeons after an injury, however, it may also be recommended for someone with a degenerative condition such as arthritis or tendonitis who wishes to be free of stiffness and pain caused by such conditions.

Regardless, hand therapy is useful for any person with a hand or wrist problem who wishes to maintain or enhance the fine motor skills of his/her hand. 

There is a wide range of treatments that the hand therapist can use to help the patient recover. This includes, splinting, casting, wound care, exercises, oedema control and more.  

These are some principles that hand therapists at hand therapy Mudgeeraba may have when treating a patient with a hand or wrist problem:  

Understand Oneís Reasons

The most crucial element of starting out on a new journey or creating a new habit is to keep oneís reasons at forefront of oneís thoughts. Even if you are tired, oneís hands are sore, and exercises seem to hurt, or when one wants to give up on exercises, one must never forget why one undertook therapy in the first place.

Hand therapy is undertaken to enhance hand dexterity, increase oneís independence, decrease oneís pain and aid of function.

Select The Right Tools

There are many hand therapy devices on the market. One must select the best one as per the specific patientís condition in consultation with the surgeon. For example, the squeeze ball is a therapy item designed to be squeezed repeatedly by the patient, which provides joint mobilization and helps strengthen muscles while enhancing the motor skills and dexterity of hands and fingers, however it can can exacerbation of overuse or tendonits when used inappropriately. Another device is the dynamometer, which is used to measure the grip strength of the hand in a particular position for grasping.

Chase Goals That Are Small And Achievable

When one adds a new habit or regimen to oneís life, it is vital to mark oneís progress by attempting to reach incremental, small goals in place of defining a big goal and struggling to reach there.

When one sets small goals, one can help reward oneís brain by providing one with a sense of accomplishment and progress. This can remind one that though one has not reached the finishing line, one is moving forward and will reach oneís goals, surely and steadily.

Know Oneís Body

When one is dealing with pain, it is crucial to tune into oneís body and be able to seek appropriate help when needed. Whether one is doing exercises on their own, or under a therapistís guidance, it is crucial to note how your body is feeling, and respond appropriately.  

Do Research

Like the point mentioned above, it is crucial to ensure that one is doing the exercises one needs with the right form for minimum damage and maximum benefit.

The perfect way to do this is by consulting with an occupational or physiotherapist. Get informed on your condition and read up on it!

Make A Habit Of Exercise

Many people hold the view that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but studies reveal that it can take up to 66 days. This implies that one should not expect sudden changes; one must stick with the habit steadily to create positive development in oneís life.

In summary, these are some of the facts about hand therapy on the Gold CoastIt is an excellent way to manage hand and wrist problems with the Palms Hand Therapy.