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How to Stop Hair From Breaking and Promote Hair Growth

by david willy - 13 Oct 2022, Thursday 356 Views Like (0)
How to Stop Hair From Breaking and Promote Hair Growth

Wondering how to stop hair from breaking? Well, you have to take care of your hair and styling tips, which often attribute to hair loss. Preventing breakage is very important, whether you want to grow long hair or simply maintain hair you have. Once your tresses starts breaking off alarmingly, the roots become weaker and ends start splitting, which takes away the luster and shine of hair. Split ends start moving up the shaft to shorten your hair too. As a result, hair begins to break off in various places, thus making hair strands brittle and uneven.

Things To Do - How to stop hair from breaking easily

Reduce and Stop Things Causing Hair Breakage

As the first step, you should reduce or simply stop doing those things that can cause hair breakage. Here's what you need to do:

- Reduce use of heat on your mane and scalp while blow drying. Overuse of heat tends to severely damage the roots of your locks. If you are compelled to use a dryer, always ensure that there's no excess water in your hair, which tends to dry up and makes your roots weaker and fragile. Ensure that the blow dryer is kept at least 8 inches away while in use and use only low heat.

- Styling is one of the root causes of hair loss. Just get back to your golden childhood years when you simply washed and combed your hair - your hair looked fabulous and broke less often. However, with age and the wagon of styling ideas like perming, coloring, relaxing makes healthy and bouncy hair fragile, brittle and dry. Eventually, hair breaks and falls off rapidly.

- Avoid all those things that lead to hair breakage such as dirt, dust, sun exposure and chlorine. In fact, chlorine makes the scalp itchy and flaky, which causes hair breakage.

- Some women have a tendency of stressing out their hair. It's not just a bad habit but also makes your roots weaker and brittle. Pulling hair too tightly while styling or tying a ponytail can also lead to hair breakage. Handling hair roughly promotes breakage too.

- Coloring your hair style is stylish, for sure, but fatal for your locks. Colors are basically ammonia or peroxide, which changes the pH of your hair by breaking open proteins in your hair shaft. As a result, your hair becomes brittle and hair fall is obvious. Avoid colors and harsh chemicals to prevent hair breakage and hair fall.

Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

- Wash your hair, but don't do it daily as it can make your tresses dry out, brittle and right. Over-washing also compels the scalp to produce plenty of sebum to cope up with the dryness, thus making your scalp and hair oilier. Wash your hair thrice a week to avoid this problem.

- Choose your hair care products judiciously. Study the ingredients and make sure your shampoo and conditioner is free from sulfates. Sulfates are detergent ingredients that create foam. It is extremely drying, which causes moisture to leach out from the hair and cuticle. Choose sulfate-free shampoos, if available, as they contain gentler ingredients, thus preventing hair fall and damage.

- Conditioner is very important to keep the ends soft and smooth. It maintains strength and moisture, while adding life to your mane. So, whenever you use shampoo, apply conditioner too.

- Air-drying is a better and safer way to dry your hair than blow drying. So, you can just stay away from those giant sized blow dryers and choose an air dryer to ensure your hair doesn't lose its moisture.

- Avoid all kinds of heating appliances for drying or ironing your locks. Blow dryer is not just the only appliance women use; there are flat irons, curling irons, straightener and similar manipulating devices that use heat. Such appliances are responsible for long-term damage. If possible, avoid these completely. However, if you can't, use a serum or spray to protect it from the heat. But remember, there's no heat protectant that can give you absolute protection from the damaging effects.

- Deep conditioning is the key to maintain healthy, shiny and bouncy hair. You can use a deep conditioner or shower bonnet or hair mayonnaise that can be worn overnight. Such products are inexpensive and really beneficial for hair. It can even out those split ends and give life to your tresses.

- Regular trimming is very important for preventing hair breakage. With hair growth, split ends do occur, which makes it increasingly sensitive. Trimming ensures that those split ends don't exist. Get a trim after every 4 to 6 weeks.

- Let your wet mane dry on its own before using the comb. Wet-comb is the biggest mistake one can make. While hair is wet, immediately after wash, hydrogen bonds are broken. As a result, hair becomes prone to breakage, thus making way for hair loss. You should only comb your hair once it is dry and is easier to untangle.

- Oil massage makes your roots stronger and healthier. Coconut oil is commonly used in Asian countries for regular scalp massage. Gently apply coconut oil into the scalp and massage at least 2-3 times a week. It will give you lovely, long and strong hair.

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