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Is Meditation Helpful in Todayís Day and Age?

by Prabhleen Gupta - 15 Nov 2022, Tuesday 226 Views Like (0)
Is Meditation Helpful in Todayís Day and Age?

In the fast-forward world where everything happens in the neck of time, stress is our forever buddy that comes with each passing minute. Stress is something that every person born in this era is born with. According to a recent finding of September 2022 in the United States, 83% of US workers are suffering from work-related stress.

The average employee proportion of the world is not satisfied with their job conditions and tend to skip work each day because of some work-related stress. So much so that it ends up impacting their personal relationships. But there is something that can help every individual out there suffering from stress or any mental health issue. If stress is your problem, MEDITATION is the core solution! Everyone from this generation needs to learn this art of mindfulness.

In todayís day and age, everything moves fast until we stop and let the vacuum take up all the errors we have in our lives and when we meditate, we realise how much energy silence has.

Manage your Work Stress

Now, since we cannot do anything about stress we can manage it effortlessly with meditation. Just a few minutes of thorough breathing, space, reflection and silence can lead to a reduction in stress levels, improvement in overall productivity, enhancement in creative skills, encouraging personal development skills and development in personal relationships. Some studies have also found that every year, more and more Americans are adopting meditation to handle their work stresses and develop their skillset.

Work stress can become chronic if proper management steps are not taken on time. Chronic stress may also lead to mental and physical health problems. As a result, many people leave their jobs or work. Whereas meditation reduces stress and frustration while also boosting focus, compassion, and productivity. Working can lead to happier, healthier, and more productive practicing meditation.

Helps Keep you Healthy, Mentally & Physically

Placing your conscious attention on something right and cultivating mindfulness through meditation can lead to mental well-being as well as enhancing physical strength too. Hence, you not only attain inner peace but also become a strengthened person. Exercising may tend to train your body but meditating improves your correct posture and helps you focus on the right things without overwhelming the emotions and worries. Meditation does improve your physical health but mentally, it makes you strong, productive and more balanced; something that one cannot achieve simply.

Encourages you and Enhances your Focus

You might be told by many that "who has the time to meditate?" But if celebrities and renowned people like Steve Jobs, Oprah, Emma Watson and the list go on can then why can't you? Meditation has taken a serious turn in the whole world and has given out only selfless benefits. It encourages good emotions and eliminates negativity from the body. If we begin our days or end them with meditation, it will surely add some value to our meaningless lives.

Susan Sarandon, an Actress says that meditation helps her chill out and focus. On the other hand, the well-known DJ and talk show host Howard Stern says that "I am a big proponent of meditation. When I do it in the morning, it adds tremendous creativity to my radio show. After the show, my head is pounding from the headphones and the loud noise; five hours of headphones and talking is exhausting. I meditate, walk out, and I have the whole rest of my day. Iím a new person. I donít think I could live without it." This deeply explains how immensely beneficial meditation can be.

Teaches you Effective Utilisation of Time

Meditation teaches you plenty of things and it gives you the ability to view the world in a better way. Many regular meditation practitioners believe that the regular practice of meditation makes you forget to give unnecessary attention to certain worldly issues and makes you more mindful. It encourages mindfulness and when a person is more mindful, he/she tends to become more punctual and respect time. Whenever you meditate, even if it means for 10 minutes, it assists you in clearing your mind, seeing things clearly and setting your intention for the day. This enhances your punctuality and makes you utilise your time in a certain way.

Fights the Chronic and Lifestyle Diseases

Many pieces of research show that meditating on a regular basis helps manage illnesses and also narrows the symptoms associated with chronic diseases. The root of all the lifestyle and chronic diseases is stress, anxiety and depression which have become rather common in the prevailing era.

Even if meditation is not a universal medical cure, some researchers believe that meditation heals many diseases and is effective in the prevention of depression just as good as an antidepressant (although we donít suggest giving up your antidepressants if you are thinking of getting in meditation). It also has a bigger impact on heart health because the more you meditate, the more it will reduce your stress levels which can keep your blood pressure in control.