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Natural Treatment for Pcos and Pcod: Tea!

by Aarushika Singh - 28 Jul 2022, Thursday 223 Views Like (0)
Natural Treatment for Pcos and Pcod: Tea!

If you're reading this, you've probably heard about the condition known as "polycystic ovarian syndrome" or "PCOD." And if you've heard of it, you probably know that there isn't one definitive cure for PCOS. However, there are ways you can manage your symptoms on an everyday basis to improve your chances of conception. 

Tea has played a significant part in our lives for centuries. When taken in moderation, tea offers countless advantages, from medicine to relaxation. This not only makes sense for tea lovers intuitively, but it's also backed up by scientific research on the subject.

Read on for information on how daily tea consumption can help treat or prevent menstrual issues in women with this condition.

The Advantages of drinking tea for people suffering from PCOS/PCOD are:

1) Weight Management:

Excellent weight loss-promoting herbs found in teas will assist lower the body's excess fat and cholesterol.

2) Regular Cycle:

With vibrant mental health, physical fitness, and hormonal balance due to tea, there is a clear path for periods to control and keep a regular cycle.

3) Mental Wellness:

Tea may enhance mental health, soothes and relaxes brain muscles, activates stress-relieving hormones, and reduces the likelihood of headaches and other types of discomfort in PCOS/PCOD.

4) Enhance Physical Vitality:

These herbal teas provide the same energy-boosting benefits as conventional or caffeine-containing teas but without harmful side effects.

5) Hormonal Harmony:

The correct herbal element in your tea helps in managing PCOD and balancing hormones.

6) Minimize Hair Loss & Acne:

Active and painful acne, hair loss, and facial hair development are the most detrimental external effects of PCOS and PCOD. Maintain healthy skin and hair while combating these symptoms with tea.

7) Eliminates Toxins & Reduces Cramps:

In addition to its other advantages, tea aids in the body's cleansing. In addition, the herbs have the most effective characteristics for relieving menstruation cramps in PCOS/PCOD patients.

Variants of Tea as Natural Treatment for PCOS/PCOD

We strongly recommend these tea variations with distinct health advantages. Still, our most important recommendation is to combine these treasure troves of health and wellbeing promoting immune tea kinds with regular exercise and a nutritious diet.

1) Peppermint Tea:

Many women with PCOS have irregular or absent menstrual periods. However, other menstrual period symptoms, such as cramping and bloating, will persist. Mint has long been relaxing, and its antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics, which ease digestion, are helpful.

2) Chamomile Tea

Typically, chamomile tea has a soothing and relaxing impact and may help you unwind and lessen your anxiety. Because PCOS causes individuals to be emotionally unstable, it may interfere with other physical systems and weaken the immune system. This immunity boosting tea will aid you in becoming calm and relaxed during your emotional mood swings.

3) Liquorice Root Tea

In Ayurveda, the root extracts of licorice, known as mulethi or athimadhuram, are appreciated for their hormone-mediating properties, which assist in reducing cortisol levels for stress relief and bringing increased testosterone levels down to normal levels. Moreover, orange peel in this tea contains polyphenol antioxidants, which aid in managing obesity and preventing uncontrolled weight gain related to PCOS.

4) Oolong Tea:

Oolong tea preparation happens from the Camellia Sinensis plant's leaves and acts as a cyst control tea. It has antioxidants, immune-boosting nutrients, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties that will help your skin sparkle and reduce acne and pimples, another typical symptom of PCOS/PCOD.

5) Lavender Tea:

Some people have trouble sleeping due to menstruation discomfort. Since lavender has long had a calming impact on humans, this tea is the perfect treatment for helping you feel calm and enjoy a good night's rest.

6) Dandelion Root Tea:

In traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, dandelion root has a long history of use for liver purification. By eliminating harmful free radicals, extra lipids, and lingering hormones from the hepatic tissues, dandelion is an effective natural treatment for PCOS symptoms. Iron- and antioxidant-rich jaggery enhances blood circulation, boosts energy metabolism, elevates mood, and prevents PCOS-related tiredness.

7) Cinnamon Tea:

Cinnamon improves female fertility by treating uterine fibroids, PCOS weight reduction, and even menstrual flow management.

8) Ginger Basil Tea:

Basil may inhibit androgens, regulate insulin levels, and is also an effective antioxidant. In addition, ginger helps regulate female hormone levels. Ginger's anti-inflammatory properties are well-known, and it gets widely used to reduce nausea. Moreover, ginger aids in the management of symptoms such as cramps, mood swings, and headaches.


You can find these healthy teas on earth-friendly eCommerce platforms like Amala Earth. Include them in your daily routine if you suffer from PCOS or PCOD. Most importantly, remember that a healthy lifestyle is essential for your holistic wellbeing and curing PCOS or PCOD.