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Protect Your Four-Legged Friend: Find Out What It Is and How It Works Dog Insurance for Other Pets

by rashid guestpost - 28 Apr 2022, Thursday 59 Views Like (0)
Protect Your Four-Legged Friend: Find Out What It Is and How It Works Dog Insurance for Other Pets

Dog and  pet insurance  is required to protect your life companions from illness and legal causes. Here is all the information on the pet policy!

You have a pet? So you have to think about its protection, have you ever thought about taking out dog insurance (or that includes some other pet)?

As you well know, having a cat or a dog, a rabbit, etc ... requires care, visits to the vet is also a strong civil responsibility towards their actions.

For example, if your dog suddenly breaks an item in front of a store, you may be the one who has to pay the cost.

If you get sick with a disease and need surgery, you will have to pay for it and, unfortunately, surgery on a dog or cat can sometimes cost a lot.

However, to avoid these hefty unforeseen expenses, you can pre-invest in  pet insurance.

What is pet insurance and what does it cover

The dog and cat policy is an animal insurance that serves to help the owner of these, in case of necessary health costs, or accidents or damages that involve him or veterinary expenses that are too expensive to bear.

If you have a dog or cat, you will know exactly how expensive the specialist visits to the vet can be, or the medicines to give in case of health problems. Dogs and cats can in fact be affected by various genetic diseases, or they can suffer from diseases that need constant care.

The owner of a pet during the year can spend very important and difficult amounts for the simple family unit.

Medical expenses are certainly the ones that can have the greatest impact on your family budget.

But other unforeseen problems could also occur over the years. Unforeseen events could occur that lead the dog to be subject to a civil or criminal lawsuit. In these cases it is necessary to request legal assistance , which has a considerable cost.

In this case, the insurance can cover the legal fees, depending on the case in which the pet is involved.

The legal assistance in a dog insurance also allows you to make a claim against third parties in the event that the dog has suffered mistreatment, or has been involved in an accident.

Therefore the policy is also useful to make up for it in case someone behaves unsuitably towards your pet .

How dog and cat insurance works

Dog and cat insurance is an insurance policy that provides for a similar operation to that traditionally taken out for the family or for people. This policy includes a contract for which the owner of the insured dog or cat will be responsible .

You can choose to pay the dog or cat policy in various formulas: monthly, quarterly, yearly or half-yearly.

Dog or cat insurance allows you, with the monthly or six-monthly payment of a modest sum, to protect your pet and to pay all unforeseen expenses such as very expensive surgeries.

The expenditure ceiling , that is the maximum amount for which the insurance pays the damage or health problems of the dog or cat, is stipulated by the insurance agency.

If you have a purebred dog, surely the insurance limits will be higher than those that are set when you have to insure a mixed breed dog, or with a lower value.

When you choose to apply for dog insurance you can also decide which covers to sign and which not.

Usually the most requested is medical assistance for pets, but legal support can also be very useful, in case your dog is directly involved in an accident that includes damage to third parties, property or people.

Dog or cat insurance  can therefore cover various eventualities, expenses and problems in the civil sphere. Depending on the agency chosen, it is also possible to obtain, in addition to the policies already mentioned, other specific treatments, such as:

  • Assistance at night clinics.
  • The payment of expenses for drugs.
  • The purchase of ancillary products.
  • Payment of transport costs or for any killing of the animal.
  • Coverage for dog damage inside your home.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Naturally, insuring the dog is not free and involves a monthly, six-monthly or annual expense, depending on the policy chosen.

The cost of dog insurance can vary according to several factors, one of which has the greatest impact on the breed of the pet .

During a dog insurance quote, the first thing you will be asked for is the breed of the dog, and possibly the certificate confirming the declared pedigree . In addition, the following will also affect the price: the presence of previous illnesses, the "dangerousness" of the dog, the age of the pet, and the type of policy that you decide to subscribe.

The costs for dog insurance range from around 50 euros per month up to 160 or more euros per month. Some insurance companies dedicated only to healthcare costs may have a lower cost, for example, around 150 euros per year.

The price is indicative and also varies depending on whether you take out the policy for a dog or a cat (generally those for cats are much less expensive).

In any case, you must consider that a dog insurance that also covers legal costs, can cover ceilings that reach thousands of euros, for this reason some insurances have a higher monthly cost than others.

When is the compensation not paid?

Compensation is not always paid, despite having taken out insurance. Because?

I advise you to always carefully read the policy you sign, as each company has specific clauses for which the insured does not indemnify.

Most insurance companies formulate a policy that insures the dog in case of unforeseen problems that can rarely occur.

For example, if you choose to take out a policy with the civil liability option, you must still pay attention to how you care and treat the dog.

I'll give you an example: if you have a broken gate (so you are aware of this problem) and you leave the dog free and not on a leash, and he runs away during the night and causes an accident, the insurance will not pay you the legal fees.

He will not pay as the dog is involved in an accident that you could have safely avoided and predicted.

How to apply for a pet insurance policy

Dog and cat insurance can be requested directly from traditional insurance companies.

If you have family insurance, this policy can often be included in it, resulting in a single insurance contract.

When you apply for your pet policy, you must remember that you can choose between different coverages, namely:

  • Medical insurance.
  • Protection for damage to property and people.
  • Legal advice and protection.

Certainly a comprehensive insurance with these three items is the best solution to protect yourself and obtain greater protection for you and your four-legged friend.

How to find the best deal

You may be wondering how to find the best deal for you and your puppy or pet.

To save money, I recommend that you look at the various insurance companies both those that operate through agencies and those that offer dog insurance online.

In both cases, before signing the contract with your eyes closed because you feel that the monthly payment suits you, carefully check all the insurance clauses and the payment limits (i.e. up to what amount the insurance is ready to pay).

Do not be in a hurry to sign, and if something about the contract does not convince you or leaves you doubtful, ask for an explanation. Clear insurance is the best way to avoid running into later problems when needed.

When is it convenient to have pet insurance?

Pet insurance is mainly suitable for those with a dog or cat.

Other animals such as: hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc. usually have low costs in terms of medical expenses, and above all they cannot cause any civil damage (or almost).

Instead, it is worthwhile, and in some cases it is mandatory to take out dog insurance  as they are lively and often playful and careless animals.

For this reason I recommend that you take out insurance for your dog. Plus, medical bills for cats and dogs are really expensive! So to preserve the health of your "best friend" it is good to have insurance coverage

When is dog insurance mandatory?

As I mentioned to you in some cases there is an obligation to take out a policy for the dog.

This is mandatory when a dog is reported to the ASL (for having bitten or attacked a person) or when the dog is classified in the wording "dangerous dogs".

By law, dogs included in this list must be insured. The cost of insurance for dangerous dogs is higher than traditional insurance, but it has wider coverage and higher limits .