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Reasons Your Child Needs Executive Function Coaches to Help Them

by Coaching With Brooke - 15 Nov 2022, Tuesday 211 Views Like (0)
Reasons Your Child Needs Executive Function Coaches to Help Them

Children with autism spectrum disorders or other executive function deficits are at an increased risk for behaviors such as defiant outbursts, aggression, and self-injury. These behaviors can also be signs of underlying emotion deregulation, which may contribute to a child having difficulty with carrying out tasks or following instructions. We at Coaching With Brooke offer Executive Function Coaches to children struggling with meeting daily challenges in social or academic areas.

The Need For Executive Function Coaches

Executive Function Coaches are professionals who have gone through extensive training in the area of emotional regulation and the development of social skills. These coaches have been able to integrate the years of training with their teaching styles to create a method of teaching that works for each child.

Many parents don't know what it takes or how to bring it about until their child is already on her way to having significant difficulty. Parenting books by well-meaning authors in the autism parenting community don't fully explain the workings of executive function. Most often, they advise what parents can achieve. At this point, many parents throw in the towel, or worse yet, resort to their methods of behavioral management, which do not help children learn the skills they need to become successful adults.

When Must You Consider a Child Life Coach?

1. Your child struggles with carrying out complex tasks at school (e.g., completing a homework assignment on time, following classroom instructions)

2. Your child has trouble making transitions (e.g., switching from one activity to another)

3. Your child is regularly reprimanded by teachers or classmates for not following classroom rules

4. You are constantly having to remind your child to do things that other children his age have already been practicing for years (e.g., "Put your shirt on before you go out the door")

5. It has recently been assessed that your child needs specialized intervention to help them achieve the milestones outlined by his IEP (individualized education plan).

What Can Your Child Achieve With The Help of Executive Function Coaches

1. Achieving the skills necessary to participate in after-school sports, tutoring, and many job placement programs.

2. Increasing their ability to make transitions between tasks or events (e.g., changing activities, moving from one activity to another)

3. Increasing social skills such as taking turns, interacting cooperatively with peers, following classroom rules, playing games in a friendly manner with other children, and showing empathy towards those who are hurt or upset.

4. Understanding and maintaining a sense of self-awareness in all situations, including relationships with friends and family members, teachers at school, strangers around them, and even themselves.

5. Decreasing their frustration and anger towards others, and eventually decreasing outbursts of tears in response to situations that may have been difficult for them.

How to Use Executive Function Coaching In Your Child's Developmental Timeline

Executive Function Coaches help parents and children become aware of how they affect one another throughout their daily lives. With this awareness, parents and children can proactively work together instead of reacting to their symptoms. As a parent, you can become aware of when certain behaviors arise in your child and what might trigger them. You can begin to observe your reactions rather than let them happen behind the scenes. When executive function coaches are involved and working with the family, parents understand what type of support their child would need to become more successful and free of outbursts.

Fundamentally, executive function coaching is a support system for both parent and child. Essentially we're all on our journey toward adulthood. We must find out what is best for our family and ourselves but know that many people around us can help us along the way.


An executive Functioning Coach is a great way to address the problems that may contribute to your child's deregulated behaviors. It can help your child make the best use of his ability and intelligence to help him become more successful at school, in socializing, and in life. There are many different kinds of coaches, including behavior, sports, life, and more. Coaching With Brooke offers executive function coaching classes for children of all ages. Please get in touch with us today at tel:15613032791 for more details on how we can help your child succeed in life.