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The Controversy Surrounding Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Bhrt)

by AB Hormone Therapy - 16 Apr 2022, Saturday 100 Views Like (0)
The Controversy Surrounding Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Bhrt)

The results of the Women’s Health Initiative Study were released in 2002, warning women away from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. The study concluded that this treatment posed significant risks for heart disease and stroke as well!

The research is in; there's no need to risk your health just because you are going through changes or have recently begun menstruating again after taking a break due natural processes such as birth control pills. So please don't hesitate any longer: talk with a doctor now if needed before things get worse than expected!

For many years, hormone replacement therapy was seen as the only option for women's health concerns. Doctors began to realize that there were additional risks with this practice while also being unable restore periods or stop aging altogether which led them towards exploring alternative options like bioidentical hormones instead of conventional ones who are more successful at improving quality-of life without excessive side effects throughout daily living.

As we all know now - after much research has been done on both sides--hormone replacements can be an effective treatment when prescribed correctly by your doctor under certain circumstances depending upon what condition you're recovering from having had surgery/procedures etc.

Hormone replacement therapy can be an alternative for those who want the benefits of estrogen without risking side effects. Bio-identical hormones have been found to produce much less negative impact than synthetic ones, so researchers began looking into other sources that would work similarly well in order relieve pain and suffering among athletes such as horses or cats instead 102% pad extract concentrations already present within existing tablet formulations available today.

Bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy, also known as BHT is a controversial and misunderstand treatment for menopause. There's no standard definition of this term which means there are many misconceptions about it; however we do know one thing –BHT originates from Europe where they use hormones more than North America does (but not exclusively). This article will examine some ways you can get started with your personal journey into better health!

The ingredients in our pharmaceuticals are constantly evolving. For example, there's now an option for people who want non-animal derived hormones or those with religious convictions against animal products like mines easement -- but no matter what type you choose it will always be bioIDENTICAL! And believe me when I say this: before long your body knows exactly how to respond because these natural chemicals have been found through countless studies over decades linking them specifically towards certain goals such as boosting energy levels.

Women face a difficult decision when it comes to choosing between birth control methods. Some women need certain medications or have conditions that make them more susceptible than others, but no matter what they choose there is not one perfect solution for everyone because each woman's cycle will be different and require specific attention at certain times in order ensure safety from pregnancy
The problem becomes worse as time goes on since options available tend only cover part portion of all potential scenarios experienced by female humans.

The Wild West of hormones and supplements has been a chaotic place for many years now, with dangerous ingredients freely flowing in from all directions. But this laissez-faire attitude towards safety comes at great cost; there are no regulations to protect consumers or ensure that doctors prescribing these compounded medications know what they're doing!


The cutting edge of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is here to help you. AB Hormone Therapy uses the latest technology, like Prostaglandin E2 (PGE), for maximum results! Our experienced physicians will work with your specific needs in mind and create a treatment plan that's perfect just as it was meant - especially if PGE enhances each patient’s life experience while also restoring health benefits such has reduce hot flashes or abolish painful periods altogether. Contact us today so we can tell you more about our high quality care options available at affordable prices.