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The Myths and Facts Behind THC Cartridge

by John Murphy - 06 Sep 2022, Tuesday 1745 Views Like (0)
The Myths and Facts Behind THC Cartridge

It is an inherent human tendency to share knowledge, even though one may not have it. Owing to this issue, many people share information that they think is scientifically accurate but is just a mix of hoaxes and lies. For centuries we have seen people believe in myths that they heard from elders, and it has not been easy to bring the truth before their eyes owing to their orthodox belief system.

Many ideas and inventions have fallen prey to this habit of humans over the years, and so has vaping THC. Until recently, people only knew the traditional way of smoking. When electronically enhanced vaping machines were introduced to people, they became reluctant to use something artificial and came up with myths and fabricated facts to prevent others from using these machines.

A THC cartridge has also fallen prey to this unbecoming approach of humans. However, here, we will lift the veil off some of the popular myths surrounding THC vapes and cartridges and throw light on the scientific reality behind those myths.


TC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the primary psychoactive compound found in marijuana. It is the compound that causes the "highs" associated with the use of marijuana. THC comes naturally in the Cannabis Sativa plant and has many therapeutic and recreational benefits. It works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body and reacting with the naturally produced 'cannabinoids' in the body to bring its effects into play.

People have different preferences, so they choose different-different ways of consuming cannabis depending on their preferences. One can consume THC in many ways like oral ingestion, topical application, smoking, vaping, etc. Recently, people have been shifting from other modes of consuming cannabis to vaping THC through THC Vapes and cartridges. Vaping has thus become a widespread practice in recent times.

THC Cartridge

THC Cartridges are like refills that are pre-filled with THC oil. These cartridges are attached to THC Vapes. The cartridge heats the THC oil to a particular temperature. At that temperature, the THC oil vaporizes and produces vapor, which the user inhales. Upon inhaling, the THC starts its effects inside the body; those may be curing inflammation, pain, stress, anxiety, etc.

Myths and Facts about THC Cartridge

People who are not aware of the intricacies of vaping spread rumors about it to the public. While they are not aware of the facts about THC vaping and THC cartridges, they are unqualified to be spreading stories and myths about vaping THC; yet many people believe them. Since THC has many therapeutic benefits, vaping THC is beneficial for many people. Nonetheless, many people often encounter certain myths about vaping THC and take a step back. These are dangerous circumstances, and such myths and false facts, not based on scientific evidence, should not be believed.

To counter these myths and to clear some air around the use of THC vaping and THC cartridges, we shall debunk some of the most popular myths surrounding THC vaping and THC Cartridges. These myths and the countering facts are:

  1. “THC Vaping through cartridges is more harmful than Smoking THC through joints”: Some people believe that vaping THC is more harmful than smoking THC through joints, but it is not scientific. The reality is that smoking cannabis through joints releases thousands of chemicals, most of which are harmful carcinogens. Since the raw cannabis flower is burnt in its natural form, everything that it contains, though dangerous, is released and inhaled by the user. On the other hand, THC Cartridges have filtered THC oil, whose primary ingredients are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These ingredients are safe to use and much safer than smoking cannabis.

  1. “Use of THC cartridges causes respiratory illnesses”: Some people believe that vaping THC always causes respiratory illnesses; this is not precisely true. Studies have shown that most patients who complain of respiratory issues due to THC have been using illicit and illegal cartridges of THC for vaping. The use of such poor-quality cartridges is bound to lead to health issues. For these reasons, people must undertake proper research and buy only quality THC Cartridges to reduce the risk of contracting respiratory health illnesses.

  1. “Vaping THC through Cartridges does not have any benefits”: While most people may believe that consuming cannabis in general and vaping THC oil, in particular, does not have any medicinal benefits, the truth is that there are many health benefits associated with the use of THC cartridges for vaping cannabis. People use THC for health issues like inflammation, anxiety, pain, depression, stress, etc. People use it actively in many therapeutic products.

  1. “Using THC cartridges for vaping causes addiction to THC”: Many people believe that using THC cartridges or vaping THC can lead people to become addicted to THC. However, contrary to this general belief, the reality is that a THC vape cartridge itself allows you to control your dosage, thus limiting the amount of THC you take in. It helps you restrict yourself to taking only a limited number of puffs with a fixed dosage; so you do not become addicted to using it. THC cartridges are also more effective in bringing results; hence only one breath can do the job for you.

  1. “It is difficult to get quality THC Cartridges”: Some people wish to try vaping THC through THC cartridges, but they think that since THC is an illegal psychoactive substance in many states, it might be challenging to get their hands on quality THC Cartridges; this is not true. There are several places to find quality approved THC Cartridges for their use. There also are many online retailers that sell quality THC Cartridges. To ensure they get a qualitative product, one can always do market research before buying them.


We have seen that many people do not know much about THC or vaping THC or THC Cartridges; nonetheless, rather than doing their part of the research, these people spread rumors about THC to scare away even others. Some people applying fabricated facts may rely on non-scientific data to base their opinion. However, now we know that there are many myths surrounding THC Cartridges, which are invalid. The information provided here remains based on scientific data, and we have seen that THC cartridges can be safer than smoking, reduce respiratory illnesses, have therapeutic benefits, do not get people addicted to them, and are very easy to come by if proper research is done.