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The Right Posture: A Pain-Free Way to a Great Physique

by BackAware Belt - 10 Jun 2022, Friday 434 Views Like (0)
The Right Posture: A Pain-Free Way to a Great Physique

Good posture and proper breathing techniques are important factors for a sustainable and healthy exercise regime. Quite often, we end up with critical injuries due to erroneous postures. A posture tracker device can assist in getting into the right position before a deadlift or other exercise.

Why Are Postures So Important?

Many of us have gotten a drubbing from our parents for not sitting properly. Have you ever wondered whatís in it apart from maintaining good etiquette? Well, the significance of good posture goes way beyond mere manners.

Bad posture may have the following negative effects:

  • Bad posture may lead to back and neck pain.
  • Adversely affect your digestive system.
  • Impair muscle and joint function
  • induces spine-related problems
  • Induce a bad mood

The Significance of Posture While Exercising

While exercising, be it standing or sitting, your body takes multiple positions. This naturally entails that a number of different muscles are worked out simultaneously. Good posture not only enables you to maintain optimum balance but also reduces the strain on your muscles. Any laxity in maintaining suitable posture can lead to an injury that can keep you away from your exercise routine.

Be aware of the general recommendations for proper posture while exercising.

  • Keep your neck aligned with your spine.
  • Keep your chin in line with your neck.
  • Maintain a straight back.
  • Push your shoulders slightly back, and keep them relaxed and down.
  • Maintain relaxed knees. Itís difficult to get into the right position if they are locked.
  • Pull your belly button lightly back towards your spine while keeping the pelvis tucked under.

How to monitor your posture?

Expert personal trainers are the best guides for maintaining optimum posture. However, they may not always be around as per your suitable schedule. In sync with our modern-day hectic schedule, the Best Posture Tracker can be an automated device that helps you to get into the right posture.

These gadgets are geared to assist you with the following:

  • While lifting weights, get into a better posture.
  • Provide guidance regarding your back position (which is critical in many forms of exercises).
  • Getting in multiple positions during a wide range of exercises
  • Even help in a desk-based job that may lead to serious spinal cord injuries.

The Backaware Belt is a revolutionary creation that has transformed the way your posture can be maintained during exercise. This easy-to-use device is the brainchild of Dr. Eoin Everard, a Ph.D. in Biomechanics and a Certified Athletic Therapist.

The Backaware application on your mobile phone can give you real-time updates on your posture for different positions. You can also switch between an office mode and a gym mode, making it convenient to wear even during office hours.

What does the Backaware Belt tell you?

  • It shows you on your mobile screen the misalignment of your spine at a given position.

  • It then guides you to get into the right posture for that particular exercise.

  • It tells you when you are in the right position to lift a weight.

This posture tracker is like an omnipresent physiotherapist who is always ready to guide you to the right position to safeguard your back and spine. It further, helps you to develop a strong back and avoid any injury to the spinal cord.

With Backaware Belts, you can now be confident about following a strict exercise regime without a supervisor. Even while sitting at your desk, you are regularly prompted to get into the right posture.

Always explore the different options before opting for a membership program. In this manner, you can select a programme that serves you the best.