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What Are Workplace Mental Health Programs and How Much Do They Cost

by Mark Homer - 23 Dec 2021, Thursday 357 Views Like (0)
What Are Workplace Mental Health Programs and How Much Do They Cost

With the rising frequency of mental and stress-related diseases in the general population, the value of workplace mental health programs is becoming more apparent. Employers are discovering its importance in attracting fresh talent and retaining current personnel.

Implementing workplace well-being programs substantially improves organisational metrics, including resilience, absenteeism, presentism, performance, helpful behavior, and mental health symptoms, according to research examining mental health in the workplace in Europe.

Increase Your Understanding of Psychological Health

Start your company's mental health and well-being journey by teaching managers how to recognise the signs of poor mental health and approach and help workers with mental health difficulties. According to studies, such training may help people comprehend the origins of mental diseases, enhance their awareness of the most effective treatments, and minimise the stigma associated with mental illness. This intervention may be seen in programs like Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Siemens' gamified management training.

Advice on How To Deal With Stress

Personalise it for the employee. You may opt for integrated or customised solutions that best suit your business. Employees' thinking and behavior must be altered. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) focuses on an individual's mental patterns and actions. It's most typically used to treat anxiety and depression, although it may also help with stress. CBT therapies may be paired with relaxation techniques, stress alleviation approaches, and problem-solving tactics to have a more significant influence on an individual level.

Although CBT therapies did not influence work-related outcomes such as absenteeism or productivity, they have the most significant impact on individual well-being compared to other interventions. CBT may be done in person with a counselor or online with a computer. If you go with a computer-based solution, make sure the software includes individual "homework" and face-to-face peer review circles to keep staff interested.

Mindfulness promotes relaxation. The influence of psychological health cannot be reduced only by mindfulness. However, it may be used as a supplement to improve inner peace and active coping skills. Apps like Headspace or Calm, for example, make it simple for workers to practice mindfulness. Remember, though, that the effectiveness of mindfulness practice is determined by an employee's ability to implement what they've learned in the workplace. For more details, you may contact DE MOURA LAWSON. We are proudly established in Qatar and serve a worldwide marketplace, mainly in the Middle East. We have discovered cultural differences and implemented effective health, safety, welfare, environmental, and behavioural initiatives.