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What Do You Need to Learn When Getting Your Blood Work Done?

by suyash sidd - 23 Aug 2022, Tuesday 257 Views Like (0)
What Do You Need to Learn When Getting Your Blood Work Done?

From cholesterol levels to blood count, there are many blood tests available. Sometimes, results are clear and taken out within some minutes of performing the test. In other instances, it can take days or weeks to get the blood test result. How soon you can learn about your blood level depends on the test itself and a number of other factors. Contact us for the blood test price in Jalandhar

How does a blood test get done?

A blood draw is also known as venipuncture which includes a procedure of taking blood from a vein. A medical expert called a phlebotomist performs bloodwork. It is how they do your blood work.

  • Wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer and applied gloves.
  • Place a tourniquet, a stretched rubber band around a location or on your arm. Insert a small and hollow needle into the vein. you should see blood coming to the needle and into a collection tube or syringe.
  • Remove the tourniquet and hold gentle pressure on the venipuncture site. Sometimes experts at labs in Jalandhar will place a bandage on the site.

The blood draw process can be quite fast if you have veins that are visible and accessed, in general, the blood draw process can take 5 to 10 minutes. Nevertheless, it may take some time to identify a vein. Factors like dehydration, the experience of the phlebotomist, and the size of the vein will impact how quickly a blood draw can take place.

What's the difference between inpatient and outpatient blood testing? 

Location can play a factor in how fast you can get your blood test result. For instance, you go to a place where there is an on-site laboratory. You may get the blood test at labs in Jalandhar results faster than if the sample gets sent to a laboratory.

Most in-hospital results can be obtained within three to six hours of the blood test. Sometimes, blood drawn at other non Hospital facilities can take many days to get results.

Some tips to get fast blood test results 

If you want to get blood test results as fast as possible, we will give you some tips to do it. It may include the following.

  • Ask to get a blood test done at a place where there is an on-site laboratory.
  • Ask labs in Jalandhar if there is a quick test option available for a particular blood test. For instance, there is an h and h available for anemia tests. 
  • Ask if the result can get sent to you via a web portal.
  • Ask if you can wait at the medical facility until the test result is available. 

Sometimes, how fast you can get a blood test result will depend on how common the blood test is. A Blood test gets performed more often if it is the CBC or metabolic panel. 

It is available faster than a test with rare conditions.

Fewer Laboratories have the testing option available, which may slow results. But it's not the case with Dr. Path Lab. If you want to get your blood test done, reach labs in Jalandhar today.