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Why Water Purifiers Are Becoming So Popular

by Mark Johnson Mark - 04 Jul 2022, Monday 483 Views Like (0)
Why Water Purifiers Are Becoming So Popular

In Bangladesh, around 7.5 million people use contaminated water. About 41% of all water sources are contaminated with E-Coli germs. 38% of tube well water sources contain dangerous microorganisms. In addition, approximately 13% of arsenic tube wells are labeled red. In this article, we will show you why water purifiers are becoming so popular.

In 2017, BRAC collected water samples from 285 springs at 24 locations in the capital Dhaka for its study. Bacteria from feces infect nearly 97 percent of water sources, according to the survey. For a large part of Bangladesh's population, access to clean water remains a conduit.

In a place like Bangladesh, where the population is increasing at an alarming rate but the supply of clean water is insufficient, 3 out of 1000 people die and become ill every day. Because of this, water purifiers are becoming more popular every day.

Why water purifiers are becoming so popular?     

Here are some reasons why you should trust a water filter

Clean and safe water

Of course, the first reason you need a water purifier ASAP. Unfortunately, the plastic waste dumped into water reservoirs is now one of the by-products of industrialization and consumption. The chemicals in plastic waste, along with other hazardous elements, contaminate the water that eventually reaches humans.

Therefore, investing in a reliable water filter is a must to ensure your maximum health. You can buy a quality water purifier online or in stores. It guarantees that the water you consume is safe, clean and free from contaminants.

Better tasting water

Fresh water is healthier and tastes much better than untreated water, which can taste salty. Look for a reputable water purifier that has received positive feedback from consumers about the purity and taste of the water. You can also ask your friends who use RO water purifiers at home for advice. You're more likely to drink ready-to-drink water properly when you choose a water conditioner with good reviews.

Distilled water may be too pricey if you have pregnant ladies or kids

It is important that pregnant women drink enough water. To avoid various pregnancy-related diseases, people should only drink filtered water.

Newborns are more susceptible to viruses, germs, and infestations. Because distillation is energy-intensive and expensive, using reverse osmosis water purifiers can be more cost-effective in the long run, costs and less energy consumption.

Significantly lowers the risk of cancer

Chlorine was first used to purify water as one of the most cost-effective methods. However, it is not the safest way to purify drinking water. According to research, people who drink chlorinated water have a significantly higher risk of cancer than those who drink non-chlorinated water. Fortunately, water purified with a water purifier does not contain chlorine or its derivatives. These cleansers help prevent cancers like the rectum, colon, and bladder. To protect your drinking water from the effects of chlorine, use a water purifier or filter.

Easy to maintain and convenient

It's much more convenient to have a water purifier in your home than to buy large bottles of filtered water at your local department store every other day. They're also easy to maintain, with the water purifier manufacturer's staff coming in regularly to clean the filter.

Economical option

If you drink bottled water every day, this might not be the best answer. Not only is it an expensive alternative, but there is no guarantee that the water will be clean and pure. It's easy to refill old water bottles with drinking water from any unreliable source. So why not be sure of what you're drinking?


Every time you use bottled water, you contribute to the amount of plastic waste in the environment. The best thing about a water filter is that you choose a long-term solution that benefits you. It can be difficult to lift 5 gallon water bottles and place them in water dispensers from time to time.

It can put a strain on your back, muscles, and joints. Get clean water instantly with a direct-connect water purifier that refills automatically.

Which water purifier is best for Bangladesh?

Water purification can be achieved in a number of ways. However, after studying the current drinking water status in Bangladesh, it is highly recommended to use reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier to get pure drinking water in your daily life.

This is because the spout hole of a reverse osmosis filter is 0.0001 microns or 0.00000004 inches in diameter. When the smallest microbe is 0.01 microns. This means no viruses, bacteria, chemicals or dangerous particles can flow through an RO membrane.

Here are some of the water purifier price in Bangladesh for you to choose from-

Pureit Classic 23L

The most affordable water purifier in Bangladesh, Unilever's Pureit Classic 23L is mid-priced at 3499 takas. A multi-stage purification, virus eradication, and charcoal trap are available for 3,499 Taka each.

Nova water purifier filter

This is the cheapest option on our list. It's just a standard filter with the aim of removing dirt and impurities. It is easy to use, durable and has easy-to-clean features. The price is around 1,000 to 1,500 tk.


KENT water purifier, the home of purity, the most trusted healthcare and home appliance brand, offers your family unrivaled protection from waterborne diseases, airborne infections, pesticides and chemicals in fruits and vegetables, and dust and mold for mattresses. They are extremely cheap from 20,000 tk.


Puricom is one of the most forward-thinking ROO technology companies. Puricom filters are classified based on the type of work they do. Some of the options available are RO systems, water dispensers, commercial and industrial RO systems, and water softeners. The price starts at just 18,000 tk.


The Walton WWP-RO12L uses reverse osmosis technology to filter water and remove dust, pathogens, odors, dissolved solids, and airborne particles. A chlorine and pH control function is also included. With a capacity of 12 liters, this filter cleans the water, in five stages. At only 9000 tk, the price is really affordable.