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5 Famous Marble Statues of the World

by Harry Miller - 06 Jul 2022, Wednesday 590 Views Like (0)
5 Famous Marble Statues of the World

The world is filled with large quantities of beautiful artwork. One of the most beautiful types of art is a sculpture. The sculpture is the artwork of shaping or carving materials like marble, metal, or wood. There are many famous sculptures in the world, but today we are going to focus on marble statues. Marble is a type of limestone that is often used for sculpture because it can be carved and polished to a high shine. Let's take a look at some of the most famous marble statues in the world!

Characteristics of Marble as a Carving Material

The stone we call marble is a metamorphic rock, which is mainly composed of calcite and calcium carbonate. The reason sculptors love marble is that it becomes extremely hard and compact over time, and can also use a variety of shades and patterns to carve. Therefore, the material of marble is well-received by sculptors for its anti-chipping and anti-corrosion properties.!

Introduction of Famous Marble Statues

Marble statues are considered art created from marble and are generally considered to be one of the oldest art forms. As early as ancient times, people still used stone to carve figures. Here are some famous marble statues

Venus de Milo

The first famous marble statue that we will discuss is the Venus de Milo. The Venus de Milo is a statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. It was created sometime between 150 and 120 BCE. The statue was discovered in 1820 on the Greek island of Milos. The statue is made of marble and is larger than life in appearance, at 204 centimeters high. Because the statue was not well preserved by humans, after it was rediscovered, the statue lost both arms, as well as part of its original base. It is now on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.


The next famous marble statue is David. David is a heroic symbol in the Bible. Due to the nature of the characters it represents, the statue quickly became a symbol of the defense of civil liberties.

It was created by Italian artist Michelangelo between 1501 and 1504. The statue is over 17 feet tall and weighs over 6 tons! It is currently on display at the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence, Italy.


The famous marble statue is the Pieta, the only work signed by Michelangelo. The Pieta depicts an image of Jesus lying on the lap of his mother Mary after the crucifixion.

Created by Michelangelo between 1498 and 1499, it balances the classical beauty of the Renaissance with naturalism. The statue is 174 cm x 195 cm high and weighs over 6 tons! It is currently on display in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.


The fourth famous marble statue is Moses. Moses is a statue of the biblical character Moses. It was created by the Italian artist Michelangelo between 1513 and 1515. He sits gravely, with one arm resting on the stele, the other holding his long smooth beard, which is so softly depicted in the sculpture.

The whole statue looks like a mighty prince, so dazzling. In marble, the artist perfectly represents the God-given deity of David. The statue is 235 cm x 210 cm high and weighs over 8 tons! It is currently on display at St. Peter's Church in Venccoli, Rome, Italy.


The fifth famous marble statue is the Parthenon marble statue. It is composed of a collection of ancient Greek marble statues. It was completed by the joint efforts of architect and sculptor Phidias and many other workers. The Parthenon is the most primitive part of the ceremonial building built on the Acropolis in the 5th century BC and is 75 meters high. Statues from the series are currently on display in the galleries of the British Museum.


Marble statues can give people a return to nature in this materialistic era. Therefore, when creating stone carvings, both in terms of layout and construction purposes, has a beautiful impact on people's minds. And the stone carving, whether in shape or in its placement, is nothing but a strong artistic style.

A marble sculpture can also relieve the burden of psychological pressure on people due to the fast pace of life in the city, reflect the beauty of nature and the beauty of humanity, and make people feel comfortable. These are just a few of the many famous marble statues in the world. Learn about the history and culture of these famous marble statues, if you also want to have a marble statue that suits you, then act quickly.