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9 Fabulous Laminate Flooring Designs for Your Home

by nabanita saha - 25 Apr 2022, Monday 138 Views Like (0)
9 Fabulous Laminate Flooring Designs for Your Home

In the interior designing of our home, we pay attention to each detail. We do it so that our home look will have no compromise in comparison with our living standard and style. The details you focus on are walls, ceiling, lights, furnishing, floors, furniture, and so on. And when it comes to the floor, you have numerous flooring options. Laminate flooring in Greater Noida or your local town/city is one of those flooring options. Here are some unique laminate flooring options that you love to try for your home:  

1. Water resistant laminate 

Solid hardwood laminate floorings are a lot of things for home interior designing. However, no one of them are resistant to water. In the contemporary world, waterproof flooring is trending a lot. Laminates, especially water resistant laminates, are better in comparison with waterproof vinyl and allied options. If there is water spilling on your laminate floor, you donít need to clean it soon. The locking installation of laminates keeps the subfloor moisture free and safeguard from having any damage caused by water spills. 

2. Stain resistant laminate flooring 

In homes, having waterproof laminates is not a sufficient solution if you have a strong will to keep your home floor new for a more extended period. Your laminate or wood floors have a higher risk of having scratches due to heavy footfalls or sliding furniture items. Any scratch on your floor can destroy the interior look of your home. Here, having stain resistant laminate flooring can help you a lot. 

3. Laminate flooring with whitewash patterns 

You often come across laminate floorings as a mimic of patterns of natural wood. Apart from patterns, laminate floorings are available with several different colours such as grey, whitewash, and light wood. A pale white laminate flooring can do better for your home and bring a unique look to its interiors. In the contemporary world, most interior designers suggest whitewash laminate floorings to home owners like you. 

4. Antique oakwood laminate flooring 

Are you willing to have something extraordinary in your home interior designing? You should move ahead to have eye-popping laminate flooring with antique designs. In addition to layouts and colours, you can go with the one having wooden textures. You can think of having a brown laminate flooring with a distressed pattern for your living room or the entire home. 

5. Laminate flooring with natural wood pattern 

A pattern representing the shape of the English letter V or the chevron pattern looks quietly impressive. Having this one in your living room, dining hall, or the entire home will help you leave a good impression on people who come to see you in your home. You can enhance the look by keeping the colour of drapes, couches, and the walls neutral. With it, the floor of your living room will be the centre of attraction for people visiting your home. 

6. Walnut brown wood laminate flooring 

Having a walnut brown wood laminate flooring in your living room can make you dream of having a future-ready home. It will work better if you have pastel blue walls and grey couches. With it, you will have a chic and warm looking living space in your home. 

7. Maple wood laminate flooring 

You must have a compatible flooring if your home has a white and natural wood theme. It is essential for you, as your kitchen, dining hall, or living room gets dirty and messy due to heavy footfalls. With a maple wood laminate flooring, you can give a clean finish to your entire home. 

8. Natural wood laminate flooring 

Are you eager to have a look like the one of hardwood flooring on a lower budget? You should opt for the laminate flooring with a similar design. In the markets around your locality, you can come across laminate floorings with the replication of natural wood. Even being inexpensive, this laminate flooring option has humidity resistance. 

9. Hand scraped wood look laminate flooring 

Hand scraping makes every plank look handcrafted. Embossing has made laminates have a look of real wood plank. Further, it has made it look like solid hardwood. You can go with it to get rid of your carvings for hardwood flooring in your home at a lower budget. 


With each passing day, laminate flooring is getting more popular and a preferred choice among homeowners. You can go with any laminate flooring mentioned above. With one of the above-mentioned options, you can produce a look to your home.