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Different Types of Paints Used in Construction

by John Murphy - 22 Apr 2022, Friday 96 Views Like (0)
Different Types of Paints Used in Construction

The trend of paint has been increasing in the construction of buildings for many years. As paint contributes to the overall look of the building, this has been one of the basic elements in the renovation of the building. For professional house painters in Perth, paint has additional uses and applications beyond enhancing the look of the place.

Whether you want to know the types of paint for the commercial or residential places, it is crucial to take help from professionals. Moreover, professional house painters in Perth know more about every type of paint, its features and its performance. Therefore, it is necessary to take assistance from residential painters in Perth.

Whether you hire painting services in Perth or do it by yourself, it is necessary to know the types of paint for knowledge. So, whenever you want painting services in Perth, you should know well enough about paints type and performance. In that way, it will be easy for you to determine the best paint and its performance for different places.

With years of experience in providing painting services in Perth, we have brought the best types of paint used in construction;

Oil paints

Oil paints are cheap and easy to apply. You can use these types of paints commonly in the construction of buildings. As a base, oil paints use white leads.

Process of application of the oil paints

Oil paints are applied in three coats;

  • Firstly, primer
  • Secondly, undercoat
  • The last, finish coat

The process of application of the oil paint is easy. Moreover, this type of painted surface is easy to maintain and clean.

Where to use oil paint?-Recommendations by house painters in Perth

House painters in Perth recommend that you can use oil paints for the interior and exterior as well. However, oil paints are commonly useful in the following places;

  • Wall
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Metal surface

Before applying oil paints, the pigment must be added. Moreover, oil paints are not suitable for humid conditions because it takes time to dry.

Cement paint

The second common type of paint used for construction is cement paint. Moreover, this type of paint is neither in oil form nor water base. Then what is it? Are these types of paint best for any type of surface? Here are the recommendations from the best painters in Perth.

Material of cement paint

Cement paint is available in powder material that is commonly useful for both rough and smooth surfaces. The material is durable and waterproof.

Procedure to apply

As cement paint is available in powdered form, so there must be a procedure to make it in liquid form. Here is the procedure:

The liquid form is created by adding some water to the water. After adding water, the next step is to mix it well. Mixing the material is time-consuming. If the material is not mixed well, the results will not be effective.

  • To apply cement paint, two times( two coats) are necessary to create a smooth surface look. Otherwise, damp issues may arise.
  • The surface which is damp and rough can be reconstructed with cement paint.
  • Cement paint needs time to dry.

Luminous paints

Luminous paints are used in the areas that need to be illuminated and shine in dark light. These paints contain phosphorescence and Rawlins paint composition. This type of paint gets activated in UV reign to store light to produce a glow effect in dark times.

Bituminous paints

To give a surface characteristic black colour, bituminous paint is helpful. However, this type of paint is good for dissolving asphalt or tar. These paints are not suitable for the exterior, where the UV lights directly affect them.

Bituminous paint has good water and alkali resistance, that's why commonly used in the following places;

  • Underwater ironwork
  • Concrete foundation
  • Wooden surface
  • Iron pipes
  • The last, Metals

These paints are good in rust resistance to apply on metal and iron.

Anti-corrosive paints

The last but not least, anti-corrosive paint. This paint is helpful to protect the surface from corrosion and chemical attack. Moreover, the vehicle in this paint is linseed oil, and the foundation is zinc chrome. Therefore, the paint is black, long-lasting, and inexpensive. The filler is made of finely powdered sand.


The several types of paints used in the construction of a building. These are the best types of paint that help to enhance the beauty of the place. Affordable to buy and durable the quality, these paints are available and you can use them after professional recommendations.