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How Does a Dual Shower Head Works?

by Ashly Kalie - 03 Aug 2022, Wednesday 134 Views Like (0)
How Does a Dual Shower Head Works?

A fixed multi-function shower head and a handheld shower are standard equipment with all our dual-function shower systems. These bathing choices are popular and may be used in various ways. Includes a convenient riser rail that allows you to quickly adjust the height of your shower handset to get the most out of your experience. Depending on your preferences, you may choose traditional or contemporary designs for these showers, which come in round or square shapes.

Double Headed Shower Working:

A diverter valve should be included in your handheld showerhead so that you may regulate the temperature of the water flowing through it. If you are looking for a way to save costs while also decreasing water use, this is a good solution. Both wall-mounted multi-function and handheld shower heads contain diverters that may be used to adjust the water flow. They let you choose between utilizing all or half of the available power. The 50 percent setting is the best option if you want a little hotter water. In contrast, if you choose 100%, it will put you under the most stress. Diverter-equipped showers often feature a variety of options, including the following:

  • Full Power: Showerheads are designed to handle a large amount of water at once.

  • Half Power: The Showerhead is designed only to let half of the entire water through. Only the lower half of the spray pattern can be seen in this specific case.

  • Low Pressure: A steady stream of water comes out of the Showerhead.

Faucets with Only One Handle:

To turn on a showerhead with a single handle, follow the same steps outlined above, but connect the Showerhead directly to the faucet's spout. It will enable you to switch on and off the Showerhead easily.

Faucets with Two Handles:

In many cases, double handles are made of two separate knobs on each side of the faucet's body. One of the knobs must be pushed simultaneously with the other to activate a showerhead with two independent knobs.

Faucets that have Three Handles:

The difference between a double handle and a triple handle is that a triple handle has three separate controls instead of simply two. For example, one knob is used to turn on the cold water supply, while another knob is used to adjust the temperature. The third knob is used to turn on the shower.

Faucets with Knobs:

These faucets don't need any additional hardware to work correctly. You may adjust the amount of water delivered by turning the knob in the appropriate direction. Even a single knob may be used to regulate the functioning of several outlets.

Handle Pullout Faucets:

Instead of a knob, this faucet features a lever outside the body. With this design, you don't have to reach into the bathroom to alter the quantity of water being dispensed, making it more convenient than conventional pullouts.

Faucets with a Cross Handle:

A cross-shaped handle is used instead of a regular handle on this faucet. Because there aren't any levers to become stuck, this faucet is much like those with two handles. Cross-handle faucets may be installed in any part of the bathroom.

Having a Broken Showerhead? Do You Know What to Do?

As soon as you realize that anything is amiss with your handheld showerhead, follow these instructions:

  1. To remove the top cap, turn the object counterclockwise.
  2. The rubber band holding the hose in place may be released by pulling it up and releasing it.
  3. Pull the plastic cover off the nozzle by squeezing it out of the path of the nozzle.
  4. Turn the top cap counterclockwise to reattach it to the handle.
  5. Put the hose back and secure it using the same method.
  6. Please remove the old cap on the nozzle, and put on the new cap made of plastic in its stead.
  7. Use the rubber band to rejoin the hose to the wall in the same place.
  8. Perform a flow rate measurement.


Using the hand shower and the fixed multifunction shower head have unique effects on how the shower works. If you have a dual shower system in your bathroom, on the other hand, you may have the sensation of a double shower as well as two different water pressures and two separate shower heads. A dual shower system is not difficult to install, but you must ensure that the water supply is shut off and that there is no water leakage before installing any dual showers that use pipes.