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How to Keep Your Family Home in Excellent Condition

by Rayanne Morriss - 23 Aug 2022, Tuesday 272 Views Like (0)
How to Keep Your Family Home in Excellent Condition

Home cleaning and maintenance is often at the bottom of everyone’s list of things they look forward to doing. Yet, keeping your home in excellent condition preserves its value and keeps it ready for company. Using this checklist will help you keep everything clean so that you have more time for fun.

Maintain the Exterior

The outside of your home serves as a major protective barrier that keeps rain and bugs out. Make sure to perform regular inspections each time the season changes, and pay careful attention to the roof. Even a single missing shingle could lead to water coming inside. The same is also true of all exterior doors and windows. Preventing water leaks and pest invasions helps you to have to do less work inside.

Protect Vulnerable Surfaces

Cabinets and shelves are often overlooked when it comes to home maintenance, yet these areas often experience frequent use that leads to issues such as spills. Shelf paper works well for lining cabinets that should stay dry. Putting liner inside helps to prevent nicks and scrapes from putting plates and other home goods inside. Other parts of your home might need additional protection, especially if they hold liquids. The original under sink cabinet protection mat is made from rubber, which is better for keeping spilled cleaning products and pipe leaks from causing rot. It can be very beneficial in keeping your family home in excellent condition.

Perform Regular Clutter Clean Outs

Most people accumulate clutter over time that can lead to dust build up and leave your home feeling unclean, even after you’ve scrubbed every surface. Try to find a schedule for decluttering that works well for your family. For instance, many people go through closets and drawers to remove outdated clothing right before they go back to school shopping. Or, you might find that the holidays are the perfect time to donate unwanted items to charitable organizations. The changing of the seasons are additional times when you might find it easier to eliminate outdoor gear and decor.

Replace Worn Out Appliances and Fixtures

A leaking dishwasher can turn into a major catastrophe. The same is also true of small appliances, such as toasters, that could start a fire. Most appliances have a general shelf life that you can use to guide your decisions regarding when to replace them. You’ll also need to keep an eye and ear out for signs that an appliance is going bad. If you smell smoke, hear odd noises or suspect any other type of flaw, then arrange for a repair or replacement right away. Trying to save money by dealing with a slow-draining sink or barely functioning garbage disposal could backfire by making you have to pay for more extensive repairs.

Create a Cleaning Routine

If it feels like you’re constantly running from one room to another cleaning up messes, then it is possible that you just haven’t found a good routine yet. You can start by learning about how often specific parts of your house need cleaning. For instance, you’ll need to clean the sinks daily to remove common germs. But, you might be able to get away with vacuuming rugs on a weekly basis. Keep in mind that some parts of your home might need to get cleaned more often if they experience heavy use. For instance, families with young children might need to vacuum more often to pick up crumbs.

Get Everyone On Board

On a final note, you shouldn’t feel like a one-person army fighting through multiple people’s messes and clutter. Many simple changes in your family’s routine can add up to big differences in how well your house is kept. Try implementing a family clean up time at the end of each evening, and invite your kids to perform age-appropriate tasks such as putting their toys away. You can also give teens and other adults specific daily chores. For instance, your teenager can be responsible for cleaning the sink in a bathroom that only they use. Once everyone begins to see how good it feels to live in a clean home, they’ll be eager to do their part so that you aren’t overwhelmed.


As you plan for home maintenance, remember that things change over time. You might need to increase how often you clean the bathroom if your senior parents move in. Or, you may need to replace protective materials now and then. Staying on top of it all means that you’ll have fewer messes and more time for your favorite family activities.