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How to Match Cushions to Your Sofa

by Ruby Singh - 27 Jun 2022, Monday 231 Views Like (0)
How to Match Cushions to Your Sofa

Cushions are show stoppers for your sofa. Cushions come in many varieties of color, texture, patterns, and material, and when everything comes together in the right manner it makes one beautiful cushion for your sofa. And if you are looking for tips and inspiration to know what is the right way to get yourself the perfect cushions for your sofa here you stumbled upon the right guide which includes everything about how to match your cushions for your sofa. 


  • Donít match the colors either blend or go contrast. 
  • Consider and think about your sofa style. 
  • Think of ideas from things around the sofa
  • Measure how many youíll be needed according to your sofa
  • Mix and match
  • Try using trendy colors
  • Create some contrast 


If you have sofas of neutral and dull colors, getting yourself brighter tones and bold colors might bring out the best of them but you can even choose blended colors for them to blend well and get yourself a sophisticated and modern look. You can even choose textures and patterns for your cushion covers to give a spice to your room. If your sofa has a single tone this is your cue to get yourself patterned cushions, go with florals, cushion covers 24x24 or geometric prints and bring the spice to your room. And even your colors which are a little brighter in tone you can get a palette toned into a similar tone to get a sophisticated yet elegant look, or use a toned down color to subdue the whole bold color theme. 


When you get yourself a sofa all you think about is how many cushions you are planning to place on them. A contemporary sofa can go along with contemporary shades, you can choose from light to dark tone to get a well designed look. 

A traditional sofas might look amazing with two tones of solids with little embellishments, simple yet versatile cushions with neutral colors work perfectly with these sofas

A modern sofa when paired with geometric and abstract designed cushions, you can even get your self retro look by using black or white cushions with lining. 


Cushions can help you bind the room together. You can decide the color according to what mood you want for your room and the rest of the elements of your room, that can include sofas, artworks, lightings and other furniture. If the room is already bright and filled with patterns in sofas, curtains, rugs and stuff try getting simple and basic cushions but if the room is toned down try spicing it up with patterned and printed cushions. If your room shows a calm environment adding bold cushions can be the best to bring the life in your room. 


Not just colors and patterns but even the size of the sofa matters when you plan on adding cushions to it. There is no definite answer on how to know exactly how many cushions to be used particularly. You can freely use as many cushions you want on your sofa, it is all about how you smartly play with the placement of them. The way and key of placing the  cushions matter as the sofas and couches are sitting not just placing cushions, you should make sure you ain't crowding it many cushions. 

Large and small cushions of various sizes are available which you can combine together to make your sofa look perfect and comfy.  You can use larger ones at the end and fill the rest space with smaller ones. The size of the sofa matters as when placing too many bright cushions on a smaller couch will look more crowded than appealing. Instead of using bright colors you can go for subtle shades and bright colors in one or two cushions. 

The best way to make your sofa look perfect is not making it crowded but make it look effortless, as you need enough space to make yourself cozy. Even the number of cushions gives symmetric vibes whereas an odd number makes it aesthetic. 


Manier types might have heard that cushions make your interior look beautiful effortlessly. Using your cushions like a pro will make your living room look more inviting to your guests. You can easily invest in cushion covers and even change them according to your mood and wants. 


Trend is what we all follow and look for, be it for your own personality or your home, you always try to keep up with the latest trends. Colors that are trendy are mustard, seafoam, sage green, brown or beige. 


While matching things with your sofa youíll be needing vertical and horizontal lines to match. If your space is narrow, think of those lines which can attract eyes. Pair some solid color cushions with line patterns to create and make it impactful. You can blend or choose contrast colors to go with your sofas, make sure you love those colors so you donít get bored of these cushion covers easily. 

If you have small couch or no sofas but arm chairs, youíll be needing single cushions for each chair, smaller couches wonít be able to handle more than two cushions, but using just one cushion would be better for simplicity and space to get cozy, this way you can balance your aesthetic too. Make sure your cushion covers are not crowdong your room and they go well with your roomís aesthetic. You can modify your cushion covers and change them according to the occasions and usage, if you have pets or babies try avoiding cushion covers with embellishments. You can also use one cushion on larger sofas too, it is not mandatory to use more cushions if you have a spacious sofa. A blending colored cushion can make your room look simple yet sophisticated and you wonít even get bored by it soon. ???????