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Secrets About North Facing House Vastu That No One Told You Before

by vastu devayah namah - 19 Jun 2022, Sunday 316 Views Like (0)
Secrets About North Facing House Vastu That No One Told You Before

Is North Facing House Vastu Good?

North facing house vastu, on the other hand is highly beneficial for the family and its members. The direction of north is the direction of “Kuber” which literally means monetary wealth and financial opportunities.

An entrance of the house in this direction is considered highly auspicious for career growth, business expansion, influx of income etc. it is also the direction of water element and water means smooth flow. It governs the flow growth in corporate sector jobs and other appraisals.

The main gate or main entrance of the house is the pedestal that decides or determines what kind of energies are going to penetrate into your house. Vastu for north facing house entrance is the first and most critical factor to consider while building a new property or buying a new house. Before we finalize a house, we must ensure whether the entrance of the house complies to all the rules of vastu or not. If it is then you are all good to go, but if it is not then it is advised that you visit an experienced
vastu consultant for expert guidance on the subject.

Important Tips for North Facing House Vastu

As we have already discussed that there are a number of factors that play a role to determine whether for north facing house vastu is auspicious for the house or not, let us take a closer look at all these factors this time. Here are a few suggestions and advices from excellent vastu experts of nationwide famous vastu consultancy service, Vastu Devayah Namah.

Here are a few pointers that you can apply to your house while executing north facing house vastu:

  • The placement, positions, dimensions and colour scheme of the gate should be chosen essentially on the advice of a vastu expert because despite the positive attributes of this direction, any minor negative element in the gate can completely block the positivity of the north direction.

  • Besides, the gardens can be planted right at the entrance as they help increase the influence of the direction on the house.
  • Presence of a water tank in the north direction is essential because along with all the other factors, it also contributes to the monetary growth and proves to be conducive to north facing house vastu.


We have come to conclude the discussion of north facing house vastu in today’s session. It was an amazing session with so many facts and information munched down in tiny chunks of facts and figures. We hope this reading proved to be fruitful for your time and you learned a great deal from this piece. If you found this helpful then do not forget to share it with your near and dear ones so that they could take some help out of it too.

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