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Things to Know Before Installing Barn Doors

by Tara Cruz - 13 Aug 2022, Saturday 130 Views Like (0)
Things to Know Before Installing Barn Doors

If you're building or renovating your ideal house, you've probably seen a variety of door alternatives. You've undoubtedly heard of the most popular door kinds, such as a hinged door or glass sliding door. Each door type has its distinct appearance and function.

A barn door is mounted on a track and glides over a doorway. This door requires barn door hardware such as a track, carriage, and roller to be installed. These replaceable components are frequently sold as a complete set at your local hardware shop. The positioning of a barn door is another aspect that distinguishes it. When the doorway is open, you have a clear view of the door and track. As a result, much emphasis is focused on the presentation and appearance of barn door equipment and the door itself.

Things to know

  • High-quality hardware is long-lasting, glides smoothly and quietly, and compliments your décor wonderfully. It may be a bit more expensive, but it will be worthwhile in the long term. Because your barn door will be a major point in your house, it must look fantastic and function correctly.
  • A barn door can save space over a heavy door, but it also requires space to glide down its track. If you're mounting a single door, you'll need at least the width of the door in wall space on one side of the opening so it can slide completely open. For double doors, you'll need walls on each side of the entryway that are the same width as each door.
  • Barn doors may be hefty - up to 200 pounds or more - therefore most people attach the track to a header above the entryway, which is fastened to the wall studs. A 2 x 6 cut twice the length of your track should suffice. If you're going to install on-wall studs, make sure there's a stud or wooden block at every spacing along your track, including the door opening. When sliding, the header puts the door far enough away from the wall to clear the door frame and trim.
  • If your barn door serves as the entrance to a bathroom or bedroom, you may choose from a variety of privacy fastening options. A handle or pull allows you to simply move the door open and close while also looking excellent. Choose a handle, recessed pull, and latch that compliments your door and hardware.
  • Outside the chamber, barn doors hang on a track, covering the entryway but leaving gaps on the sides. Ensure that the door is at least a few inches broader than the opening for complete coverage and to eliminate gaps. Purchase a track that is twice as wide as your door. A 4-foot wide door requires at least 8 feet of track to fully open. 

Barn doors are widely used to improve the appearance of home interiors. They are also quite adaptable when it comes to harmonizing with a theme. You may decorate your barn door to meet a contemporary, industrial, or rural lifestyle motif. To change the look of your barn door, simply select the appropriate colors and finishes.