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Top Astrology Tips for Your Home Design - Explore It Now!

by Nihansh P - 28 Apr 2022, Thursday 82 Views Like (0)
Top Astrology Tips for Your Home Design - Explore It Now!

Vastu Shastra, often known as the Science of Architecture, is a type of traditional Hindu architecture. It is classified as a branch of Astrology's third stream. Vastu is concerned with space, time, and architecture, whereas Astrology is concerned with time, making the combination of the two a significant influence on human life. Vastu Shastra is said to have a tremendous impact on individuals, their conduct, and their achievement in numerous aspects of their lives in India.

As a result, designing your home according to Vastu is regarded as one of the most powerful means of channeling this energy. They place a high value on a direction based on the Panchabhoutik theory of astrology and the twelve zodiac signs associated with it.

The charts below show how Vastu and Astrological planets interact.

Ruling Planet : Direction

  • Sun : East
  • Rahu : South-West
  • Moon : North-West
  • Mercury : North
  • Jupiter : North-East
  • Saturn : West
  • Venus : South-East
  • Mars : South

Direction : Room

  • East : Living Room, Bathroom no toilet
  • South-East : Kitchen
  • North-West : Guest room, Bathroom, Grain Storage
  • South : Kitchen, storeroom
  • North : Living sitting room, Safe
  • North- East : Worship room, Living room
  • South- West : Master bedroom, heavy storage
  • West : Children Bedroom, Store room, Study

The arrangement of various sections of your home in line with these fundamental directions has a significant impact on the personal and general development of your family. The orientation of rooms in your home may alter depending on your Sun sign. You might wish to seek the assistance of a specialist who can examine your indicators and point you in the right route. This would be based on your Sun sign and the effect of the governing planet, as well as the directional force exerted by your home's Vastu. However, in general, here are some guidelines that will assist you in harnessing good energy in a certain location. 

In your living room, place:

  • Have a living room that faces the front.
  • The proprietor should be facing east or north.
  • Other members may sit next to or across from the owner.
  • Place the main entrance in the north area.
  • Having flooring at a lower level gives your family a strong sense of security.

In your bedroom, you should:

  • The bedroom door should be able to open at least 90 degrees.
  • Allow enough room to walk about and eliminate clutter. Sleep with your head towards south. Avoid sleeping in line with any sharp corners.

In your kitchen, place:

  • The optimal direction for a kitchen is south-east.
  • Colors such as blue, red, green, and yellow are beneficial to one's health.
  • Exhaust and gas lines routed to the southwest corner.
  • Refrigerators & other electrical equipment stored in the southern corner.

These are some of the general guidelines for any residence based on astu Shastra. However, for peace and success in your home, it is always advised that you see a reputable astrologer and seek counsel relevant to your home and family.