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Which Factors Affect the Cost of a Front Door?

by Logan Smith - 12 Oct 2022, Wednesday 211 Views Like (0)
Which Factors Affect the Cost of a Front Door?

Your front doors are extremely prone to damage. You might need to repair or repaint your front door after every two or three years. 

The reason is they are exposed to dust, sunlight, climatic conditions, and other external factors which affect the appearance of a front door.

Due to these damage risks, people are more concerned about the cost of a front door to make sure they do not waste their money by investing too much in its styling or selecting the wrong material for the front door.

However, homeowners are usually more focused on the quality of their front door and expect to get an excellent quality front door within their budget.

This article will explain the factors that collectively affect the cost of a front door. Moreover, you can also get in touch with reputable woodmasters such as exterior doors Edmonton to get the highest quality front door that is suitable for your budget.

Factors That Affect The Front Door Cost

Generally, the factors that can affect the cost of a front door are its structure, design, size, style, material, decoration, installation, and more importantly security. Few other materials such as handles, hinges, locks, and knockers can also increase or decrease the cost of a front door.

Front Door Placement

The location and position of a front door are highly important when considering its material, cost, and style. Not to mention, the front door is placed at the entrance of your house but you will have to consider if the front door is under a shade or not. 

Along with that, you should also consider the distance of the front door from the road or a driveway. Because you will have to invest more to apply weather-resistant paints and additional protecting coating to the door if it is directly exposed to sunlight or dust. 

Another major factor about door placement is whether you are replacing an old door or installing a new door. This is because the cost to install a door at a new place is more than replacing an old door.

Size And Style Of Front Door

The cost of a small and big door is different since more materials and effort are used in making a big front door. However, door size is directly dependent on the type and style of the front door.

For instance, a double door or a sliding door is more expensive than a single door. Therefore, one should consider their budget while selecting the front door style.

However, a few factors can affect the decision of the size and style of your front door such as:

  • Required entrance space.
  • The light should or should not enter through the front door.
  • Side lights are required or not.
  • Exterior Door should improve security or attraction.

Material Of Front Door

There are a number of materials available for making a durable exterior door that can provide security and attraction to your house. The few commonly used materials are wood, steel, and fibreglass.

Although all of these materials provide various benefits therefore you can choose any of these according to your requirements. 

Wooden is often the first choice of homeowners and construction contractors for creating durable and stylish front and interior doors of a house. Wood is a better material for the front door since it provides versatile design options. However, wooden doors are usually more expensive than steel doors.

Furthermore, fibreglass is considered another good choice for a front door since you can give it a smooth grain finish to make it look like wood. Also, fibreglass is less costly but less durable than wooden doors.

Additional Decoratives

Additional decoratives are added to the doors to make them more appealing. There are various options available for adding decoratives to the doors such as sidelights, transom and colourful glass.

Sidelights look very decent due to which they are considered the most common decorating option however, adding decoratives can increase a lot of your total front door cost.

Moreover, the transom glass window panel is also used to make the front door unique and attractive. Nevertheless, you should not go for this decorative material if you are on a tight budget.

Therefore, if you want to keep the cost of your front door low then you should use clear glass rather than decorative glass.


The cost of a front door depends on a number of factors, hence, you cannot determine the front door price before choosing its material, style and other properties.

To ensure that the front door fulfils its primary function, take into consideration both the construction of the door and the security aspects.

If you want to get an appealing front door within your budget then you should hire a professional wood masters company since they will provide you with a high-quality door that will complement the exterior.